The man who can make a man a prime minister!

The man who can make a man a prime minister!
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They had gathered in Olympos one evening. Among them were Fethi (Okyar) and Ali Fuat (Cebesoy). The subject turned, circulated, came to the events of Iran. Those who embarked on the freedom war in Iran achieved great success. Muzaffariddin Shah had to open the parliament. Venizelos was also at war in Crete to annex the island to Greece.

Ali Fethi:

"Why don't we have such men?" ' he exclaimed angrily. A silence at the table. Mustafa Kemal was deep in thought. Why did someone turn to him later?

You say, "I know what you're thinking, why shouldn't I go out?"

Mustafa Kemal suddenly expelled:

"Yes, I think so. Why shouldn't a Mustafa Kemal come out?"

It was very serious. He had said it out loud. After a while, perhaps hesitantly, most of the people at the table left.

-"Yes, why not an Ali Fethi or a Mustafa Kemal?"

The conquest:

"Let's go to Yonyo for a bit," he said.

His purpose was to change the bet. The subject is the same there… Fethi:

"You sing very well, but let's have a little fun… Let's stop politics…" he said.

Mustafa Kemal wanted to talk all the time.

"We both talk about the revolution and we smell under the pressure of Istanbul. Then we envy the movements in Iran and Crete. When someone says I can be the chief, everyone shuts up. There is no such thing. We have to gather and decide immediately.

I heard the bottom of the story from Cebesoy: A woman from Fethi Yonyo offers to go to a dance place. All three are gone. He is immersed in the pleasure of conquest. Mustafa Kemal does not leave Ali Fuat:

"Why shouldn't he go out?"

Is this nation more lifeless than the Greeks, or is it lower than the Iranians? They were getting up in the morning. It's about to get dark. They will be on duty early.

Fethi returns to his home. Ali Fuad's house is far away. Mustafa Kemal:

-"You come to us. My mother has prepared something. We will have breakfast, wash and shave, and go to the apartment." says.

It was as if his mother had not slept at all, waiting for her beloved son. It opens the door as soon as it hits.

- "You must have had a good time being this late… Oh…oh… well done," he says.

Ali Fuad:

"Oh, Aunt, don't ask. We were with Fethi Bey."

-"With Fethi? He's a smart kid..."

-"Your son made a bet in the pub, he made a bet, it will never come back, Fethi, let's go and have fun." said.

-"Yeah... Fethi is like that, he's smart."

-"We went, but if you get rid of your son's mention, we talked again and again."

"What did Fethi do?"

"She found something to enjoy..."

-"I told you… He's smart, Fethi…"

He was always the head of the table. He was evidently self-confident and in spirit preparation for great adventures. To Nuri Conker, while he was handing out maqams to his friends at the dinner table:

"I will make you the prime minister," he says.

"O brother, what are you going to do to make me prime minister?"

-"The man who can make a man a prime minister!"

Nuri Conker told this joke once or twice during his presidency.

Source: Çankaya, Falih Rıfkı Atay, Pozitif Yayınları, İstanbul, 2004. ISBN: 975-6461-05-5. Sayfa:51-53

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The man who can make a man a prime minister!