Şeref Akdik, Atatürk at the Telegraph, 1934

Şeref Akdik, Atatürk at the Telegraph, 1934
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Atatürk at the Telegraph, 1934 Oil painting on canvas 178 x 138.

SEREF AKDIK  (1899-1972)

The artist, who combined the color concerns of the Impressionist movement with the rules and experiences of the academic understanding in his works, studied at Sanayi-i Nefise School in 1915. There he became a student of Hikmet Onut and İbrahim Çallı. After graduating from school in 1925, he passed the European exam opened by the state and went to Paris and studied with Paul Albert Laurens at the Julian Academy. He traveled to various countries in Europe and made copies of the famous paintings in the museum. After returning to Turkey in 1928, he was appointed to Gazi Education Institute as an art teacher. Starting from these years, he participated in almost all the exhibitions of the independent painters and sculptors association. He went to İçel in 1940 and Erzincan in 1943 within the framework of the CHP's country tour program. Akdik, one of the impressionist painters of the 1930s generation, He combined his academic knowledge and experience with his local observations. While he adhered to the classical narrative in his oil paintings, figures and portraits, he approached the impressionist approach without compromising his classical understanding in watercolor and charcoal landscapes and patterns. She tried to reflect the inner life of the local people along with the local clothing features in her designs and portraits.

Source:  www.turkishpaintings.com

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Şeref Akdik, Atatürk at the Telegraph, 1934