Ratip Tahir Burak, Atatürk Drawing, 1925

Ratip Tahir Burak, Atatürk Drawing, 1925
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Ratip Tahir Burak, Atatürk Drawing, 1925

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Ratip Tahir, who is a caricaturist, is also a successful painter in the oil painting genre. Ratip Tahir is the painter of the paintings "Ergenekon I" and "Ergenekon II" at the entrance of the Ministry of Economy, which was dismantled from where it once stood and put into warehouses. Ratip Tahir, who continued his art in Ankara for years, made the appearance of Atatürk on a large cardboard at the ball on the night of the 2nd anniversary of the Republic and presented it to him on that enjoyable night. Very cheerful, Atatürk showed this picture to the foreign ambassadors around him and asked for their opinions. This painting, which won everyone's appreciation, was signed by those at the ball as a memory of that night. The date is 29 / 30 October 1925.

Ratip Tahir Burak

Ratip Tahir Burak was born in Istanbul in 1904. Burak graduated from the Tüksek Maritime Trade School (1921). His first cartoons were published in Aydede magazine (1922). He quit sailing in 1925 and turned to caricature entirely. On his return from Paris (1928), where he went to study painting, he was appointed as an art teacher at Kabataş High School for Boys; He drew cartoons for magazines and newspapers such as Caricature, Karagöz, Amcabey and Akbaba. He settled in Ankara in 1936 and started to draw for Ulus newspaper. He returned to Istanbul in 1950, published full-page cartoons in the Sunday supplement of the newspaper Hürriyet. In 1956 he published the newspaper Halk; In the same year, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his caricature. He was elected as a member of the Constituent Assembly after 27 May; In 1961, he joined the Grand National Assembly of Turkey as a CHP Istanbul deputy. More, he prioritized the aesthetics of the illustrated novel in his comics about the life and heroism of famous Turkish sailors; He translated historical events into illustrated novels with understated lines. Considered one of the leading representatives of the historical painting tradition, Burak has many published cartoon albums and historical comics.

The cartoonist Ratip Tahir Burak, known for his historical comics, died in Istanbul on 28 October.

Source:  www.karikaturculerdernegi.org

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Ratip Tahir Burak, Atatürk Drawing, 1925