İbrahim Rüsuhi Savaşçı (1888/1889-1959)

İbrahim Rüsuhi Savaşçı (1888/1889-1959)
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İbrahim Rüsuhi Savaşçı (1888/1889-1959) Atatürk's Adjutant

İbrahim Rüsuhi Savaşçı

Rüsuhi Savaşçı was born in 1304(1888/1889) in Beyoğlu/Istanbul. His father is Mustafa Bey. He completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul. He studied at Kuleli Military High School. He graduated from the Military Academy, which he entered on 14 November 1906, as a lieutenant on 26 August 1909 with the registration number P. 1325-198. Shortly after the 4th Army Command in Baghdad, where he was first appointed, he was appointed to the Junior Officers School in Istanbul. He joined the Infantry Endaht School for one month on May 11, 1912, and was appointed to the Beirut Junior Officers School on the same date. He was appointed to Benghazi on 31 May 1912. It is understood from the Benghazi Command's letter dated 25 October 1912 that he was wounded while serving as the Commander of the Seventh Guards Division in Derne.

On April 7, 1913, he was transferred to the Division Officer at the Military Academy. On 6 November 1913, he was awarded the 5th Rank Mecidi Order for his outstanding efforts in his duty. He was given to the aide of the Iraqi Commander-in-Chief on March 31, 1914, and to the Entourage of Süleyman Military on April 3, 1915. He was promoted on 30 November 1915 for his outstanding usefulness during the war. He was appointed to the 21st Corps (Gallibolu) Adjutant on 24 October 1916. On July 18, 1918, he was appointed to the Command of the War College Company, and 2 years later, he went to Anatolia and on 13 June 1920, he was assigned to the "Officer Candidates of Various Classes Training", which was opened in Ankara Cebeci Abidin Pasha Mansion and the barracks around it. Later, he was assigned to Ankara Central Command Central Battalion Command. In 1923, he was appointed to the Presidency's Chief Adjutant position, which was vacated by the election of Presidential Chief Aide Salih Bozok as a deputy. He was appointed to the Presidential Chief Adjutant 4 times intermittently. In the meantime, he was appointed as the 2nd Battalion Commander of the 189th Regiment, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Guard Command, the 1st Battalion Command of the 189th Regiment, and the Deputy Commander of the 5th Infantry Regiment of the First Division. 

He served a total of 6 years in the Presidential Chief Adjutant. In 1926, the land he owned in Aşağı Ayrancı in Ankara was purchased by the government and transferred to the Egyptian Embassy. He retired from the 2nd Branch Directorate of the 3rd Corps, which was his last place of duty, on 18 December 1933. 

He was appointed as the Head of the Hassa/Hatay Military Branch on September 23, 1941, and subsequently as the Head of the Eyüp Military Branch on December 20, 1944, since it was anticipated that retired officers would continue to serve due to World War II. He was retired (discharged) for the second time on March 31, 1947. He is the owner of the War Medal and the Independence Medal. The person Atatürk mentioned in his work “The Officer and the Commander and Hasbıhal” is Rüsuhi Savaşçı. In some sources, it is mentioned that he was a member of the Special Organization. He died on 18 July 1959 as a result of a heart attack. 
Rüsuhi Savaşçı married Sabiha Hanım and had three children named Erdoğan, Atilla and Ferhunde.

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İbrahim Rüsuhi Savaşçı (1888/1889-1959)