Makbule Atadan

Makbule Atadan
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The Life of Makbule Atadan


He is one of Atatürk's five brothers. These siblings are Fatma (1872-1875), Ahmet (1874-1883), Ömer (1875-1883), Makbule (1885-1956), Naciye (1889-1901).

After the First World War, Makbule Atadan left Thessaloniki with her mother, Zübeyde Hanım, and settled in Istanbul in the house her brother kept for them in Akaretler. She was a medium height, chubby, outspoken girl who didn't like to be messed with. When Mustafa Kemal left Istanbul to start the National Struggle, mother and daughter stayed at home in Akaretler.

After the proclamation of the republic, Mustafa Kemal took his sister and family to Ankara. Makbule Atadan, who stayed with her brother for a while, later settled in the Glass Pavilion, which was built for her in the Çankaya land and west of the mansion.

He joined the Free Republican Party founded by Fethi Okyar in 1930 at the request of Mustafa Kemal. With the closure of the party a few months later, Atadan's political life also came to an end. He continued to live in Camlı Köşk without having any relation with his brother's political and social life.

Meanwhile, he married Mecdi Boysan, who was a member of parliament in 1935. The marriage ended with Boysan's death.

Makbule Atadan told journalists about her memories of Mustafa Kemal in the last years of her life. Atadan died on January 18, 1956 at the age of 71.

His Works :1- Makbule Atadan'ın ağabeyi Atatürk ile ilgili anıları "Büyük Kardeşim Atatürk (1952)"

                       2- "Ağabeyim Mustafa Kemal (1952)" adlarıyla yayınlandı.

Source: Makbule Atadan Anlatıyor, Ağabeyim Mustafa Kemal, Şemsi Belli, Selis Kitaplar, Mayıs 2005. ISBN: 975-8724-54-1, Sayfa:9-10

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Makbule Atadan