Great Speech (Discourse)

Great Speech (Discourse)
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Great Speech (Discourse)

GREAT SPEECH (Discourse) - E-Book

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The Speech, which tells about the War of Independence, a turning point in Turkish history, the foundation of the Republic of Turkey and the making of the reforms, starting from the days when our country was dismembered and occupied, is a first-hand, valuable source work in our political and national history.

This work, which was written by Atatürk himself, was named Nutuk because it was based on a historical speech that lasted 36.5 hours and was read in six days at the Second Congress of the Republican People's Party, which was held in Ankara between 15-20 October 1927. .

Speech not only tells about our past as a story of the past, but also carries a value that can shed light on the present and the future of our national existence with exemplary experiences from our recent history.

Speech is the story of a successful historical flow from the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly to the proclamation of the Republic, by raising the awareness of the nation around the principle of national unity, which will determine the future of the country, and by transforming the concepts of national will and national sovereignty into action.

The Nutuk was first published in 1927 in two volumes, one being the original text and the other documents, in Arabic letters. In the same year, a deluxe edition was published in a single volume. Since this first text became difficult to read after the writing reform, it was reprinted in three volumes by the Ministry of National Education in 1934. Speech has been reprinted by Atatürk Culture, Language and History High Institution Atatürk Research Center.

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Great Speech (Discourse)