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Atatürk's Library
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"I was poor when I was a kid. When I had two cents, I would have given a penny of it for the book. If I hadn't been like this, I wouldn't have been able to do any of these things." Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Atatürk's Library


Ahmet Vefik Pasha : Polish-i Osmani
Mohammed Salahi : Kamus-u Osmani
Avram Galanti : Arabic and Latin Letters in Turkish and The Problem of Spelling
Mohammed Ali : Tahsil-i Language of German
Nüzhet : Self in German
Ahmet Cevat : Turkish consumables and nahif
Kazim Nami : Read Turkish, Write Turkish
Mithat Sadullah : Application of Latin Letters to Turkish
Ibn Emin Mahmud Esat : History of Islam
Osman Bin Suleiman : Dictionary
Lutfullah Ahmet : Life of Hazrat Muhammad
Abdunaim Bin Hasan : Ceridetül Evail and Hamidetül Evahir
Ahmet Halit : Islamic Elders
Abdurrahmanil Mosque : Tercüme-i Nefhatül Insan
Mehmet Cemil : Law Duvel
Katip Celebi : Hell
Mr. Feridun : Feridun Bey Münşeat
Mehmet Bin Said : Kitabü'l Tabakatü'l-Kebir
Semseddin Sami : Kamusu Alam (6 volumes)
Semseddin Sami : Public Ocean
HZ Ulken : Aristotle Metaphysics
Suheyl Unver : Ibn Sina
Ahmet Rifat : Lügat-ı Tarihiye ve Osmaniye
M. Fuat : What I Buy and See in America
Riza Tevfik : Kamus-u Philosophy
Cemal Pasha : Memoir (1913 - 1922)
Mehmet Cemil : Law of Peace and War Duvel
Evliya Celebi : travelogue
Subhi : Tekmiletül'l-iber
Lütfi Simavi : Revolutionary Revolution
Mustafa Necip : Selimname
Osmanzade Taib : Truthu'l Vüzera
Ahmet Saip : Vaka-i Sultan Aziz
Ahmet Hilmi : History of Islam
Mazhar Fevzi : Hayr-i Sahil
Ziya Pasha : Andalusia History
Resulzade Mehmet Emin : Republic of Azerbaijan
Ali Resat : History of Osmaniye
Ali Resat : History of Kurun-u Cedide
Sebahattin : Open Letters to the Committee of Union and Progress
Mahmut Esat : History of Islam
Ahmet Mithat : revolution
Ahmet Cevdet : Kisas-i Anbiya and Tevarih-i Hulefa
Mustafa Efendi : History of Thessaloniki
M. Semsettin : Islamic History
Ahmet Rasim : Ottoman history
Necip Asim : Turkish history
Mustafa Nuri Pasha : Netayic-ul Occurrence
Mehmet Zihni : Neşahir-ün Nisa
Mehmet Semsettin : Detailed Turkish History
Ziya Gokalp : Turkish Civilization History



Mr. Roux from Rochelle : United States of America
M. Dubois de Jancigny and M. Xavier Raymond : inde
M. Chopin : Russia
MGL Domaine de Nenzi : Oceanique
Bary de St Vinvent : Ocean Islands
M. Ph. Le Bas : States of the German Confederation
M. Van Hasselt : Belgium and Holland
M. Louis Lacrcix : Islands of Greece
M. Louis Lacrcix : Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Buenos Aires
Champollion Figeac : Ancient Egypt
M. J. J. Marcel : Egypt since the conquest of the Arabs
Rozet and Carette : Algeria, Tripolitan States, Tunisia
Lavalle v Gueroult : Spain
M.Ph de Golbery : History and Description of Switzerland and Tyrol
M. G. Pauthier : China and its Historical Description
M. Chepin and A. Ubicini : Danubian Provinces and Romania
Mr. Ph. le Bas : Sweden and Norway
Ferdinand Denis : Portugal
Ferdinand Denis : Africa
Ferdinand Deniz - MC Famin : Brazil, Colombia and Guyana
M. Larenaudiere and M. Lacroix : Mexico Guatemala Peru
M. Davezat : Islands of Africa
MA Tardieu, MS Cherubini : Senegambia and Guinea
MN Desvergers : Nubia, Abyssinia
Lacroix Yanoski : Ancient Italy
Mr. Le Chevalier Artaud : Italy Sicily
Frederic Lacroix : Baleres and Pithyuse Islands
M. Friess De Colonma : Stories from the West Indies
Mr. Elias Rensult Mr. Roux De Rochelle : Ansean Cities
M. Ferdinand Hoeger : Chaldea Assyria Media Babylonia
M. Neel Desverges : Arabia
S. Munk : Palestine Historical and Archeological Geographical Description
Jean Yanosky ve M. Jules David : Ancient and Modern Syria
M. Dubeux : Tatarie, Beloutchistan
M. V. Valmont, M. Xavier Raymond : Bhutan and Nepal
Ernest Lqvi see and Alfred Rambaud : General History from the 4th Century to the present day (12cilt)
Jean Jaurès : Socialist History of the French Revolution
Hilary of Barenton : The mystery of the pyramids



H. F. Kuergic : Psychology of Some Elements of Turkish Languages 
William Thomson : Orkhon Inscription
Mr. Guizot : Universal Dictionary of Synonyms
Mr. Brewer of Bourburg : The Mayan Langue
Hilary of Barenton : The Origin of the Languages ​​of Religions and Peoples
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Atatürk's Library