Mustafa Kemal Pasha is in Kayseri. (14.10.1924)

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Mustafa Kemal Pasha is in Kayseri. (October 14, 1924)


His Holiness Gazi opened the state hospital. As the President cut the red and white ribbons on the door of the hospital and took the scissors extended to open it, one of those present pointed to the tomb of a person named Zeynel Abidin:

He said , "Sir, let him do a prayer ."


-  "Hodja Effendi does not need to pray. God knows my language too, I do the prayer."

They said and wished that this institution would be a real health home for the people of Kayseri, that the valuable Turkish doctors who will work here will be successful in their work, that they will receive essential services to the health of the nation, and that they will feel conscientious satisfaction, that these works are not unique to the people of Kayseri, that the whole Turkish Nation. After they said that they were completely sure that they would do a sacred duty that they needed so much and that the whole humanity would be pleased with it, they cut the ribbons and went inside.

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Source: Atatürk’ten Anılar, Kemal Arıburnu, İnkılap Kitapevi 1998. ISBN: 975-10-1392-5. Page: 284

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Mustafa Kemal Pasha is in Kayseri. (14.10.1924)