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The diary notebooks covering the month of July 1918 are the memories of Mustafa Kemal that he wrote in six notebooks under the title of "My Past Days" in Karlsbad, only the 6th notebook was written as one page on the day he came to Vienna from Karlsbad.




30 June 1918 -1 July 1918

''On Sunday, June 30, 1918, at 07.30 in the afternoon, Karlsbad station arrived. We loaded our belongings in the car brought by the hotel concierge, who checked me in at the station, and came to the prepared residence.

With the advice of Markotein, one of the doctors of Cottage Sanatorium, to his friend doctor Vermer in Karlsbad, the residence found by mumaileyh is almost nothing but a private house. This residence hotel, whose name is Rudolfs Hof, is in the Pupp area and opposite the big bath. Doctor Vermer has cost 140 kroner a week for me in the aforementioned house, which consists of a living room, a bedroom, a butler's room (for an Emirber Neferim Şevki) and a Turkish bath. I was not satisfied at first sight. Apart from the splendor and majesty of Pupp and its corresponding mebani-i âliye and majesty, this new residence of mine, which was relatively simple in its immediate integration, did not seem so attractive. Half an hour later Vermer arrived, who was also instructed to treat me.

I could not hide my displeasure about the residence. At the age of fifty-one, the doctor, who had not yet committed, said to me with a serious and experienced voice:

- Did you come here to do a serious cure, or to enjoy in luxury and pompous noise, to get tired? What do you want, here is a quiet and comfortable apartment! Now allow me to examine you and draw your image. You will see that when you follow the things I say to the letter, you will not find time to think about anything else.

I did not prolong it any longer. The doctor did his duty and finally wrote the program I would follow and left, he said, see you again and left.

The program is:

little explanation

A glass on the spot

7 h to drink from this water. Markbrun

           " 7 20 Mühlbrün

Breakfast 8 20 Thé ou Coffé, Cacao, 20 oufs, beure

10-11 Bain de boue (Moor) alternating one day each

Compress at home 11-12 Compresse de boue (Moor)

Öğle taamı 12-1 Fish-Meat-vegetables, fruit, compote, mehlspeise, krattoni

Rest Repos.

A glass of water 3 1/2 ou 6 h Mühlbrün

Small meal like 4-5 Comme le matinee in the morning

Akşam yemeği 8 h Fish, chicken, omelet, desserts, compot, dairy vegetables (rice or semolina pudding)

A glass of water while lying down 10 h Telsenquelle froid

While the doctor was assigning the food issue, the issue of bread became the issue.

"Of course you brought flour with you," he said.

- I said no.

- Then you won't find bread here. Because the government is obliged to feed only the locals here. Not Ecanibi.

- In that case, doctor, there is no way for me to sit here. Let me go to my hometown right away tomorrow. In our country, ecanib is found in more consumption than the locals.

Let me offer the consent of my government to give bread to the ecanib.

After all, the doctor took the initiative to find flour or bread himself.

During the examination, he asked my age. I said I was 36-37 years old.

With astonishment:

- You quickly became a general. Are there any other young generals in your country, among your sinnies?

I said that our war minister is also young. When I was faced with this question, Doctor Vermer, who spent 21 years in Cairo, Egypt and had the experience and research to speak Arabic like a language of maderzadi, and who, therefore, had no doubt that he knew oriental people more or less, thought poor Turkey of these children. I felt like he was saying what you must have become to fall into your hands.

- Doctor, I said, there are old generals in our army. The fact that we and my peers consider us very young, is probably due to the fact that the vezaif-i mühimme, in which circumstances and hadith-ı extraordinary circumstances favor us to perform, is very useless to the motherland.


After eating a bowl or two of food that the old lady of Rudolfs Hof had found, I went to bed, thinking that I would wake up early the next day, contrary to my custom. The doorman would pick it up at 05:30. I found it prudent to get up 1-2 hours earlier in order to be able to find a place to drink water at 07:00.

Despite the train fatigue, I could not fall asleep immediately. The general condition and interior of the apartment and the idea of ​​whether or not to stay here occupied my mind. The view of a small room attached to the living room caught my attention. With the addition of this room, I was thinking about the shape it could take after extending the apartment and rearranging it a bit, listening to the struggles of interfering with the grandeur of the Imperial and Pupp hotels on the one hand, and staying undesirable in this secluded, quiet apartment on the other. I finally dived.

Monday, July 1, 1918

I awoke to hearing the doorman of the house, named Josef, banging on the door with an unintelligible accent, saying something. I remembered that he woke me up in the evening because I had warned him:

- Yeah, yeah! I called.

My neferim Şevki, who was not used to getting up so early, left his bed with difficulties and came. He shaved. However, I am convinced that it is necessary to buy a hammam in order to eliminate the drowsiness of this earlyness. I waited for it to be ready too. Finally, I was able to leave the house at 07.00 after filling our toilet. Josef would point to us. Even though he had the glass of water pointed out by the director, Şevki was with him.

We arrived in Marksbrün in 10 minutes. All the streets in that vicinity were finances with men and women with glasses in their hands. So I had my glass filled by Josef and started to sip by sip, and at the same time, to walk in the direction of Mühlbrün. There is a distance of 500 steps between the two springs. After I had the first glass, I kept walking to gain 20 minutes of time. Even after I had my glass filled from the second source, I gave permission to the doorman. We continued to wander around the field between the two springs, with Şevki as a civilian. After my glass was finished, I gave it to Şevki and sent him home. I wandered around until 08:00. I was hearing music from inside the building from another source. I got in there. After the Medhal, a pool with hot water gushing from the middle in the form of a waterfall,

I went to the hotel Pupp's restaurant to have breakfast around 08:00. I sat in the garden. A beautiful girl number 21 asked what I wanted! No butter, no bread, no sugar, no milk. He brought unsweetened tea, two eggs, and honey. Neferim put a small piece of dry bread in my pocket on the way, and we settled the matter with him. From there I went home.

New idea... Decision

I had the room in the ittisal of the hall opened. Small, but could take the form of an office. With the consent of the Director, I saw the rooms and furniture of the whole house and said, I will take this room as well. Can you furnish and arrange an office and other living room and bedroom etc. as I will describe here? We came to an agreement, and immediately, Neferim and I personally worked, recruiting male and female servants of the whole house, to provide the matlulu, and I also traversed the relationship between my apartment and the house through a curtain, attracting an artist. It was decided to stay here.

Due to the doctor's schedule, a woman brought a large bag of mud to perform Compress at 10:00. The preoccupation with the equipment of the house delayed the compresse to 12 o'clock and, as it was too rushed, it was applied only in order not to completely disrupt my schedule from the first day. God knows the extent of his benefit, I guess I didn't understand something. I was thinking about the provision of lunch.

An hour later, I went to the pupp's restaurant. All tables are busy. I stood next to a small table for two. I realized that this table, which was empty, was probably written on it as reserved. But, ignoring my understanding, I asked Herr Obert, who was passing by at the time, is it reserved? He said in German for 1.30pm. I came from ignorance. - I said, do you speak French? - Yes, he said, repeating the same thing in French, but you'll have to get your food by then. I just sat down. This time I had a good meal with the bread I brought in my pocket. When I gave Herr Obert too much pourboire, the restaurant was against the law, - What time will you visit tomorrow? He said that tomorrow is the most successful. I agreed. He asked for my name, or rather my tag to engage the table, and I said it. The man - Your Excellency, your order for the evening... I said I'm not coming. I really wanted to have dinner at Imperial. I hadn't seen it yet. Visiting during the arrangement of the rooms before noon, Dr. I also invited Vermer.

I came home, rested until 3 o'clock. When I saw the order and tranquility of the house, it became my memory to take advantage of this calmness. I left, forgetting that I also knew German. But now I was angry because I couldn't express what I wanted in German. So I immediately start learning German. I told the director, the doctor, to find a German tutor or tutor for anyone who came my way.

Based on the peace granted by the same calmness, I decided to seize my daily life in this way.

At 3.30 am I went to Mühlbrün and had a glass.

Since I was very dissatisfied with the breakfast I had at Pupp, I had this issue provided at home. At 4 o'clock I ate Yavsé, prepared at home, and undressed and lay on the lounge chair in the bedroom.

Miralay Emin Bey arrived between 6 and 7 o'clock. Meanwhile, I was getting up and shaving Şevki. The toilet is finished. We talked for a while, after 7 o'clock the doctor came. We went to Imperial together. We had dinner.

At the hotel, we met the wives of Cemal Pasha, Emin Bey's companions, and another lady from her relatives, this lady's two daughters, and another lady. We sat in the living room for a while before dinner. After dinner, we said goodbye to the ladies and left immediately. The doctor accompanied him to a certain extent. I came home alone. Until 11 o'clock I read André Beaumier's novel called Revolte, which I started in the sanatorium. I will write today, tomorrow. Now, after reading a few more pages of the book, I want to go to bed. The time is 11.15.

Tuesday, July 2

I had breakfast at home after drinking water from two sources like yesterday from 7 am to 8 am. I went to Kaiserbaad at 10 am. I took a mud bath. I went home and got some rest. Meanwhile, Miralay Emin Bey arrived. We walked with him to Restaurant Pupp, from there he went to the hammam. So I went to the restaurant for lunch. It was half past the hour. While hunting home, I walked a little in the direction of Sansoussie casino. I ran into a florist woman. I bought a few bouquets of red and white carnations and another flower whose name I don't know. But then I thought I needed vases for these. I walked into a store right next to me. I bought four large and small vases. I came home, placed the flowers in vases with Şevki. I delivered the vases to the living room, to the office. Then I undressed, slept until 3 o'clock. I could not sleep. Even before I got dressed, the director came and informed me that the German teacher I had requested had arrived. I got dressed by keeping the teacher waiting in the hall. German teacher Paula Klemm in French - Sir, you asked a teacher, are you going to study grammar or for discussion...

- Yes, I wanted to, I said. But I don't know what to read...

- I have my books. I brought you a grammar book, we can read it from there.

- Mademoiselle, I said, I studied grammar at school for years, did lectures, memorized recitations; But I did not learn German. Now I want to learn German.

- If so, sir, perhaps, a little rhetoric and dictation...

- It's fine, but I write in German, I don't need dictation. As for the phrasing, I said, in German, that I make it necessary every day, everywhere. But the words I know are just repetitions. I told my purpose, to learn German. You decide what needs to be done for this. I think you should test me first and then you can decide... We went to the office.

He had a dictionary book from French to German. (Langenschaidts Tasehen -Wörterbücher.) I don't have any other German books. I have read the prologue of it written in German. Das vorliegende franzolischen... ete. I know (Vorliegende), I said. He explained, I said I can't understand. And finally, I opened the German-French dictionary and found the French equivalent that he couldn't find. I said I understand now. As it can be seen, I was very fastidious towards the woman and wanted to give up the job and think a bit. We concluded the interview by declaring that I would send him news.

Dinner at Hotel Imperial

I had a glass at Mühlbrün at 6 o'clock. I gradually came to Imperial Baum. I went to Imperial. I sat alone in the hotel lounge until 7.30 am. I sent word to the waiter that a table was reserved for the evening. Emin Bey came to me twice. It was a duty to visit him and the women I was muarefa. I went to the doorman. I told Mr. Emin over the phone that I was coming to visit them (taking into account the hotel situation) and I asked if you would accept me in the hall. He said he'd get off right away. I came to my old place in the hall and prayed. After a while, Mr. Emin came. Afterwards, their companions landed, Ms.


Emin Bey asked my information and opinion about Malinoff. I, four years ago, during my one-year attaché in Sofia, Malinoff; I knew him as a smart, fatin, valuable person. Malinoff was Rusofil. In the turmoil that Radoslavof was the head of the cabinet and followed the Austrian politics, he always accepted King Malinoff and ruled with kindness and treatment.

In Bulgaria, with the opposition of the various parties, their struggle with each other, there is a natural disagreement in their brains against the interests of the country and the nation. Whatever policy and style of movement is invading the well-being of the country, the welfare and happiness of the nation, the reculls of that policy will be the mudiran of that day. Opponents even assist in this matter if necessary. In the declaration of the general war, Malinoff, who acted and influenced the Bulgarians to be with the Russians or to remain neutral, could not accept Radoslavov's departure from Austrian politics. But the success of Radoslavov is that he does not go to war blindly, but seriously considers the opportunity to ensure the maximum level of Bulgarian interests. It was not permissible for the Bulgarians to miss this opportunity when, as a result of the attack, which took place with the German reinforcement of the Austrian forces, Serbia was almost to the point of being destroyed immediately. In this situation, Russian support was not in vain for the country. It was of course easier and more fruitful to expand the homeland by walking with the victorious armies than to assist the Russians by colliding with the victorious German and Austrian forces. Following the Balkan War, the nation's resentment for the encroachment of the Serbs on Bulgaria jointly with the Greeks could also have shown such an action worthy of applause. It was then that Malinoff, appreciating this situation, stopped in truth. But both he and Radoslavov and the King were very well thinking that for the success that the country would thus achieve and the preservation of the benefits that would result from it,

I had discovered this truth. I was always convinced of the need to act prudently and cautiously against the Bulgarians. I even mentioned this point of view about Bulgaria in a series of letters I wrote to Cemal Pasha from Silvan.

We gave Karaağaç and its environs without a battle. In Romanian peace, we wanted to demand the return of this and Thrace in return for Dobruca. Enver Pasha asked Ludondorf for indication. Ludondrof found this strange. He replied that it was not permissible to offend the Bulgarians. Only Karaağaç's extradition could have been the issue. Apart from the Bulgarians not agreeing to this either, I'm sure they want it up to the (Midya-Inoz) line.

In my opinion, it would have been necessary to form a reserve army to request land from the Bulgarians, saying, first of all, for the protection of the Bosphorus between Istanbul and Edirne. Today, when it is possible to form a ninth army for the invasion of Iran, what I said must be possible. Otherwise, Bulgarians will not give place verbally. By not taking this matter into consideration, it will cause the Bulgarians to show their feelings against us as soon as possible and to pose a danger to us at the first opportunity. Great friendship should not be denied to Malinoff. It was naivete to invoke Radoslavov anyway.

We can logically reveal the degree of help of the Germans to us both in this regard and in the recovery of our country from the British invasion. My negative and unequivocal opinions on this matter were manifested in the conversations with the emperor, Hindenburg and Ludondrof, on the occasion of our trip with His Holiness the Crown Prince.

A recull-i state cannot handle the overtime state, subject to its own human feelings, it does not have that authority. The country is not anyone's mansion. However, when we Turks take over the administration of the country and nation, we adhere to the motto of the supreme state in our care, and we are deceived like a child.

Cemal Pasha's Brother Kemal Bey

I did not know that Cemal Pasha had a brother. A young tutor, cordoned, came to us. I saw this officer last night. I asked him how I had not known him until now. He said he was in Thessaloniki in 1323. I came to Thessaloniki from Damascus on this very date and made friends with Cemal Pasha, even though Fethi Bey was included in the small room of the Military Staff.

Cemal Pasha was the major, I and Fethi Bey were the collaborator. I added these to the story: Cemal Pasha was the hero of the bureau at that time, they called us apprentices. In fact, I was not a novice: After leaving the school, I did an internship in the stanzaat for two years and worked in the Office of the Military Staff in Damascus for a few months. But the old everywhere look at the newcomer with the novice, novice eye, and I was filling the novice's ordeal by trying to make a pile of paperassi, which I find every day in piles, on the cornered table behind the stove, without rebelling. But the revolt was not far away. One day, Cemal Pasha... In the meantime, Madam Cemal Pasha came. The argument turned to another valley. On the one hand, the musical score did not leave much room for words. It's time to eat. The lady invited me to her table. I said I had a table prepared.

After meeting for a while in the hall, I asked for permission. It was raining lightly. I came home at 10:30. I went to bed after reading a book until 11:30. The book I keep reading is always Revolte. It doesn't end quickly. I had a glass of Telsenquelle water before going to bed. The porter brought this water in a bottle. All of a sudden I couldn't sleep. I turned left and right a lot. My mind was busy. When I woke up in the morning today, I didn't know if I was asleep or not. I must have had a stroke.


Wednesday, July 3

I was thinking of getting up at 6 o'clock, but got up at 7 o'clock. Her enthusiasm would have lifted me, whereas I lifted her, I was enraged. I started dating Şevki. She was shaving. He was completely surprised by the drowsiness, by my outburst. He pressed the razor to my cheek next to my left mustache. The blood started, it is not possible to stop it, it increased as my irritability increased. While I was trying to leave quickly, now I was completely late due to not being able to stop the blood. Finally, alum, powder, cologne... The blood seemed to stop. I hurriedly went to Marksbrun with Sevki. Şevki wants to leave the glass empty instead of taking it full. The girls show their destination laughingly and mockingly. The policeman, who is always ready there, knows me and Şevki, for indication purposes, but by holding Şevki's arm, he takes the glass to the place where it should be given, like a child. sheffi, He looks sideways in my direction as he walks under the police to see if I can't see it. Finally he came with a full glass, I took the glass - I drank the water slowly there. Today, I want to make up for the time I'm late by using it in almost everything. When the water was finished, I gave the empty glass to Şevki and told Mühlbrun to go and wait for me there. We used to go together every day, today I was so irritable that I was angry when Şevki was walking next to me. I walked slowly towards Mühlbrun. She was standing on her toes in the crowd in front of the spring, spying on me, so as not to leave room for further resentment. Upon my retaliation, he immediately filled the glass and handed it to me just in time. While he was drinking that glass with one or two small walks, he and a friend, Celal Bey. e -I came across the ex-Izmir Police Chief. While talking to them for a few words, a master from Thessaloniki named Mahmud Efendi, with whom I was a classmate in Thessaloniki High School Military School, approached with a smile and with a very arrogant attitude, "Oh dear Kemal, how are you?" This master saw my soldier, understood that I was here by asking who I was, and came to my residence twice. I wasn't there once. Not once did I accept it. He also told me that he had told Miralay Emin Bey about me, about his classmate with me. I told the other person not to stop you, let's go to your water... and Mahmud Efendi - Let's see how you are, friend.- Thank you, you came once or twice. Are you alone? Where do you live? A master from Thessaloniki in the name of Mahmud Efendi, with whom I was a classmate, approached with a smile and from afar, "Oh dear Kemal, how are you?" This master saw my soldier, understood that I was here by asking who I was, and came to my residence twice. I wasn't there once. Not once did I accept it. He also told me that he had told Miralay Emin Bey about me, about his classmate with me. I told the other person not to stop you, let's go to your water... and Mahmud Efendi - Let's see how you are, friend.- Thank you, you came once or twice. Are you alone? Where do you live? A master from Thessaloniki in the name of Mahmud Efendi, with whom I was a classmate, approached with a smile and from afar, "Oh dear Kemal, how are you?" This master saw my soldier, understood that I was here by asking who I was, and came to my residence twice. I wasn't there once. Not once did I accept it. He also told me that he had told Miralay Emin Bey about me, about his classmate with me. I told the other person not to stop you, let's go to your water... and Mahmud Efendi - Let's see how you are, friend.- Thank you, you came once or twice. Are you alone? Where do you live? I wasn't there once. Not once did I accept it. He also told me that he had told Miralay Emin Bey about me, about his classmate with me. I told the other person not to stop you, let's go to your water... and Mahmud Efendi - Let's see how you are, friend.- Thank you, you came once or twice. Are you alone? Where do you live? I wasn't there once. Not once did I accept it. He also told me that he had told Miralay Emin Bey about me, about his classmate with me. I told the other person not to stop you, let's go to your water... and Mahmud Efendi - Let's see how you are, friend.- Thank you, you came once or twice. Are you alone? Where do you live?

Pointing with his hand that Mahmud Efendi was with his companion, that there were other family members such as his mother-in-law or mother-in-law, he also said his residence in that hotel. I said to have seen this house, can we find a place for me in your residence. When she said yes, I said - All right, let's go. “Stop,” he said, a mean hotel. Let me call our material! A late but sweet-faced fam de shaumbr arrived. Mahmud Effendi said to me, "Speak in German!" I am not speaking German. - Neither do I.- Then!- I don't know.

I explained the purpose to the girl in my German. For obvious purpose. Because I made my decision by looking at the exterior of the house. I saw a couple of rooms. We talked to the girl. We went out together again.

I talked about the bread issue. He said he could find flour. We ordered a kilo of butter from the place he knew. He also went to our house to see my residence. Of course he really liked it. I used to drink her a Turkish coffee. At that time, I had my breakfast.

First Car Condescension

Josef entered the hall with his hat in his hand. He said the car is ready! I looked out the window. A big land. I took this car to not waste my time. I went as far as Posthof, Kaiserpark, Freundschafts - Saal and a little further than that.

Pointless Sadness

I wore my military suit. I went to the Impérial at 7 o'clock. They were still cleaning the halls. I left my cloak in the wardrobe. I wandered around the hotel garden a lot. I was bored. It started to rain for a while, and I went back to the hotel. This time I sat in the living room. No one yet. It's 8 o'clock. The music started. I went to the dining room. I asked Obert where he had prepared it. I promised yesterday. Here you go, miralay lord! said. It means that by looking at our outward state, the man was only favoring inheritance. It's a matter of trying to explain that I'm a general...

I didn't raise my voice. He sat down at a small table. After dinner, I said that this table should always be reserved for me for dinner. And I gave my card to introduce myself as well.

Moustapha Kemal Pasha Armyfuhrer

I think that Herr Obert, despite all this detailed card, could not regard us as anything other than inheritance lordship and did not change Pacha's prediction in the eyes of the deceased, nor did he ever think of Arméefuhrer's accusation. Because the following name was written in pencil under the Bestelt plate he left on the table the next day. Monsieur Kemal Pacha.

After dinner, I went to the living room. I sat in front of a four seater table. It was very crowded.

Although all three halls of the hotel were opened, the waiters were bringing the tables and chairs they found here and there to prepare them for the hotel's guests. I was leaving four seats unattended in this tight situation by myself. Did I have the right to do this even though I'm not a hotel guest? Someone came to me - master, you have no right to sit here. What could I answer if he said, "Those who have the right to sit remain standing"! ...I just remembered to get up and leave and never come to this hotel again. But I wanted to at least say goodbye to Madam Cemal Pasha, her robe and Emin Bey. I also ordered a table for tomorrow night. I even invited Doctor Vermer. In short, a distress, a sadness, a strangeness had invaded my whole being. If I could settle one point, it would be as if I would be happy.

- Do I have the right to eat and sit here? I took care of this problem from Doctor Vermer the next day. Yes! The restaurant and lounge of this hotel are in public. It has not been mentioned until now that it is reserved for those who have been sent to the hotel.

While Madam Cemal Pasha and her robe were coming from the dining hall, they passed the table next to me and I talked to them. Of the four seats at our table, only the one below me remained. There was no room for ladies. We all went to another table together. Hüseyin Cahit Bey and the two ladies accompanying him, one of whom will be his companion, came to the same table. Eleven Turks... We formed a large circle. Everyone's attention was on us. Madam Cemal Pasha ordered us all an ice cream.

After a while, I left immediately with a short goodbye. It was raining. I came home depressed. I read a little and went to bed.

Thursday, July 4, 1918

Due to the schedule, I drink my glass in front of Marksbrun at 7 o'clock in the morning. I was covering my head with my open umbrella because it was raining, and I couldn't keep my coat from getting wet. I gave my linoleum to Şevki. He was coming after me. The water is gone, I tightened my pitches. I was walking fast, almost like a soldier's march. I saw everyone stop and look at me and laugh. As I kept walking, I looked around me, back. Suddenly what do I see. My Sevki, just a few feet away from me, follows me, ecstatic, waving her arms, in my tarp that reaches down to the floor. One of the ways the novices practiced during marching practice in Talimhane Square... I started laughing too...

- What are you doing?

"Nothing, sir," he said. We had already arrived in Mühlbrun.

Today was bath day. The old bather wanted to know at what temperature to prepare the mud. Isn't it thirty degrees without asking me! he said and walked away. However, it would have been 28-29. There was no possibility of correction. I got into 30-degree mud. Twenty minutes later I rang the bell for the bather to arrive. No one is coming! Again, again, again... It's been ten minutes, no one has come or gone. I said probably, there is some confusion in the numbers. I can't bear it anymore. I got up in the mud tub, a mud man... After being covered in sweat, the old man appeared... After I was cleaned in the other tub of water, I lay on the sunbed, and sweat started. It was 11 o'clock. The old man reappeared. “Sir, he has been waiting for a long time, a madame,” he said. I hurried out in a sweat so as not to keep madame waiting. With the contact of the damp and cold air, my head started to hurt immediately. I came home, the stove was burning in the living room. I lay on the sun lounger over there. I was going to the restaurant to eat today. I told my Fam de Shaumbr to get food from Pupp. I was repeating some lines, continuing the Révolte on the chaise longue, where I lay until mealtime. I highlighted some of them.


Of course, a doctor who takes their troubles into consideration and thinks of pleasing his customers accordingly. It was around 11.30 am. After knocking lightly on the door, Vermer found me reading a book on the chaise longue in the living room. Without taking off his coat, he sat down in the seat next to me with his hat in his hand.

Friday, July 5, 1918

Today in the morning I was not disturbed as usual. Şevki brought the thermos that we bought yesterday from the springs, and I drank it in my bed. After a small toilet, at 7.30 am I went to this desk to record yesterday's memories. Cemal Bey and his friend came. I left the office. After a declaration to them, I accepted them in the living room in a pajamas outfit. Mr. Jamal:

- He said to the sentence, give life to the new sultan!

I was suddenly surprised. What's up, what's up, I said.

- Don't you have any information? The king passed away!

"I'm sorry and sorry," I said.

These people could not understand the reason for my words.

They had rights. Because I was not upset that I felt sorry for the deceased sultan, nor that the life of the new sultan would be long or short. The jihad I regret was not being in Istanbul. But I myself could not appreciate why I regretted it. In fact, the change of the sultan is a great event for a country and nation. I got to know the Crown Prince very well on the occasion of his trip to Germany. There was also a degree of specialty and sincerity between us. Did my heart want to personally congratulate him after he ascended the throne? Was that what I was grieving for! No, I don't think so! While I had the opportunity to advance the relationship that had begun with him to the maximum extent possible, I acted independently. I haven't been to a visit once. This time, I didn't even say goodbye when I left Istanbul.

I could not hide my sadness towards Cemal Bey and his friend. But I did not explain. While they were leaving, Miralay Emin Bey entered. We talked to him on the same ground. I thought I would at least congratulate him by telegram, however, I talked about the first newspaper details that we would receive.

Today, Compresse time coincided with the exact time this depressive news was received. I forgot and for the first time, I was deprived of a point of the program.


Emin Bey went to meet at Imperial in the evening. So I started getting dressed to go out for lunch. The doctor came and entered the bedroom. I told him about the death of the sultan and the love of the new sultan for me. -Then you want to go right away, he said.- I said after he was fine.

At my suggestion, the doctor ate lunch together.


I was going to Imperial after wearing a black dress. I wanted to make a phone call to Mr. Emin. I was just learning that the house phone was on the third floor. Anna, the beautiful fam de samum of that floor, took me up in the elevator.


I saw him waiting for Emin Bey at the Imperial, on the street. We talked a little. We read the telegram on the enthronement of Sultan Mehmed the Sixth. He heard that there was something between Cemal Pasha and me. I said yes, I started the explanation. His referral has arrived. I have fully narrated the case to pass some points before him. It was time for dinner and we left.


Saturday, July 6, 1918

I drank the first glass at 7am and the second glass at 7.20am in bed. After having breakfast at 8 o'clock in the morning, I read a book until 10 o'clock. Today was bath day. After taking a bath, I was at home until 12.30. While I was busy reading a book, a madame came to say that a four-volume work of Germany, Austria, Turkey and Bulgaria, containing the pictures of war heroes, had been issued by the Austrian Ministry of War and was sent by the calm Ahmet Pasha, who guessed that I would buy it. Meanwhile, Emin Bey had also arrived. We could not get along with the woman. Towards half past Emin Bey and I went out, he went to the bathroom and I to the restaurant. As I sat down to eat, Doctor Vermer came in. We ate together.


After dinner, I came home and undressed. I thought I'd read some books. I slept on the lounge chair I was lying on.

When I woke up, Mahmud Efendi from Thessaloniki, with whom I was a classmate in the middle school, came. He would go to Vienna tomorrow. It seemed relevant to my life. I told this childhood friend, whom I had not seen since his high school life, about my life and my adventure. He wanted to see my insignia. I showed. I shaved after he left. I wore a military suit. I wore a Bulgarian insignia that I liked over my Austrian insignia. Tonight, I was invited to a religious service at Imperial by Mr. Emin and Ms. Emine. We left the house at 7 o'clock, and I walked in the direction of Posthof for half an hour. I came to the hotel close to 8 o'clock, we had dinner. We talked until 10:30 in the Badehu inner hall. After that I came home. I read until 12 o'clock. Then I went to bed, I was sleepy. I sat up in bed again. I smoked a cigarette. I slept again. I couldn't sleep again. I smoked a cigarette again. I was not looking at the clock. I finally slept.

During the evening, we always talked about military service; I talked a little bit about Arıburnu and Anafartalar, and a bit about Bitlis and Muş fronts.

The lady was enjoying this story, as she was a soldier's daughter, a soldier's companion, a soldier's nurse. The greatest courage of the commanders is that they do not fear responsibility, I said, in fact, I have experienced the weight of responsibility in my own soul. For a chaste and honorable commander, death is never a good memory, it is the accuracy and lack of success of his actions that make him think. On the contrary, for the retreat manoeuvre, it is necessary to be very accurate and influential in the command. It was our commanders' decision and determination for the retreat maneuver that led our army to disasters. In the face of a vicious enemy attack, the commanders are often afraid to make decisions until the time when the soldier abandons himself and then sees the retreat as a fault and the military at fault.

She said, 'What fun would it be for a victorious commander to walk around after a battle?'

While confirming this, I said to you, the most enjoyable thing in my life was the success in the retreat maneuver I made with the Eighth Division in the Muş front. No one has ever appreciated the value of this move. In the telegrams that came from Istanbul and from Izzet Pasha, who was the army commander before me, it was mentioned whether there was an order and disaster, how far the enemy could come after such an ominous state, how much more strength I wanted. In this haste, there was no right of the counselor. Because I couldn't find time to explain the reasons why the maneuver I applied was in myself and I saw and appreciated, and more precisely, the conviction that my action was based on the principles of wisdom, knowledge and science, told me, "I'm pulling the party for this or that... '' He didn't bother to say it. I was just saying that the situation necessitated this decision and at the same time I was implementing it. In the face of the enemy's five times the force of the enemy, my friend Mehmet Nuri Bey's faction was completely defeated and on the contrary, by making a very glorious battle, as if they were training in a maneuvering field, after 3 days of fighting in the first position they were in, they went to the Tarkos line and then with a night maneuver. I pulled back to a second line.

The enemy was convinced that he had defeated us, but rather did not follow. He set up in front of me in three scattered groups. Ten days later, I defeated and devastated the enemy with the attack I carried out here, including on the Bitlis front, and captured Muş. I also captured Bitlis on the same day.

It was necessary for me to show such an example. Because otherwise, the importance of my retreat would not have been understood.

There was more discussion about courage. I said, "As you know, they are the ali. I always pay great attention to the nature of the military, the spirit and spirituality. Indeed, I have seen this situation many times. It can have various resources and documents. The state and glory of the commanders, their strength of heart and their degree of trust are of great importance.

In Arıburnu there was a battalion commander named Mahmut Efendi from Damascus or Aleppo. Since this was in a regiment of the 19th division that I commanded, I felt it was zaif'ul-kalp. It is not possible to keep the battalion in place in a report that this person showed me one day, at the time of the first bloody battle of Arıburnu. If you don't send another battalion instead, disaster is sure. I immediately summoned the mumaileyhi to my headquarters. -''Mahmut Effendi! I said. I know your battalion, it is a very valuable and heroic battalion. You are the one who is afraid, and you accept that all your entourage will run away with fear and resignation, just like you. Therefore, I accept in advance that if the disaster you claim in the attack of the enemy should occur, it may not be because of the discouragement of your battalion, but because of your arrogance. ...

On the night of that day, the enemy attacked this battalion 3 times with different forces. He came to the trenches. Partly in the trenches. Each time, Mahmud Efendi threw the enemy with fire and bayonet. And then he wrote to me about his success with great pleasure in a financial report. It is felt in his report that Mahmud Efendi was a proud and courageous commander. This person then commanded well. He became the regimental commander...

I told the story of how and in what condition the Anafartalar Group Command was entrusted to me. I explained some of our situations with Liman Pasha, Esat Pasha, Enver Pasha.

The hall where we sat after the meal was in the ittisal of the dance hall. A few very graceful, graceful young women were dancing with men in tuxedos. The large glass door between the two halls was very convenient to watch these repetitive and recurring Vonsteps from the photographs we occupied in the corner.

- I said how nice. I mentioned that I love dance and that I was considered one of the first roller mills during my time as attaché.

The lady also mentioned that she danced a lot in her maiden life and loved dance, and then added...

- How difficult is this life for us...

I said, I always say, let me present here on this occasion, if great authority and power come into my hands, I think that I will implement the desired revolution in our social life with a "coup". Because, like some, I do not accept that this work can be done by accustoming the naïve ulama to contemplation and contemplation at the level of my imagination, and my soul rebels against such action. Why should I go down to the rank of the common people, after so many years of education, studying the civilized and social life and spending life and foundations to promote freedom. Let me raise them to my rank, I am not like them, they are like me. However, there are some points worth examining in this matter. It would be a mistake to start the work without having them repaired thoroughly.

I am a man who has yet to be transcended. There may be a difference between me and a contractor's manner of reasoning in this regard. However, it is necessary to be completely impartial in this matter and to experience a simple feeling. Now, I mean this. Morality seems to have a different meaning, a different color, and a different purpose, according to the understanding of every social group. For example, in us, chastity and integrity are subject to great and strict well-being. A European does not know this well... They are completely immoral in our eyes, we are completely wild in their eyes...

Therefore, it is necessary to choose one of the two philosophies. The state of nature, but more ornate, more humane, men and women are completely free and independent, and madame-ul-life will not be subject to any particular connection... There will be laws and rules for general order and they will be followed.

Or, every man and woman who comes to maturity will keep him until he finds a wife who is bad in every respect, and will create a double hearth that will be formed after he finds it... Until one of the sides dies, or until now. Until they come to an alliance on the throne of the esbab, which the kavaid and kavanin-i şeriye are concerned, the man will have a spiritual, intellectual and material existence for his wife, and the woman only for her husband...

Let's take precautions to stifle the feelings and tendencies that tend to overflow in the wife:

The veiling practiced in Islam, the fact that women never come into contact with men other than their husbands and that they do not have any external life, deters women to some extent, but it is difficult for men to invent a barrier in today's civilization. It is a good thing to keep busy by keeping them busy overtime. Very well, after such a serious and tiring occupation, can a man who has lost his mind with the last century of progress and civilization gain the pleasure and strength required for tomorrow by coming home from his job and closing himself? ...Doesn't he desire a little air, a little music, a little theater, a brief life? Because for a man from the presence of a woman, It is a deficiency to be deprived of the word of a woman, of a woman's accompaniment, this is inevitably satisfied. But the need for a man is the same for a woman who will be left without a man at home. ... It is the need of the soul, and that is what matters. Then, what will be the opinions and specializations of our women, who will live under such strict conditions, about life, about civilization, about freedom?

It will be remembered that we make our women receive education and science from their childhood until they get married. We also teach that after marriage, she will decorate and affect her husband and hearth with all this wealth of information. But until the year she gets married, where are you going to get this excellent education that's been expected? ... in schools? Once upbringing and education begin in your lap, your second, men are like that. A person does not come out of school as a perfect model. Genuine and concentrated education, conviction and ijtihads pertaining to life, civilization and everything, after the school and participation in public life in person and actively. It is acquired by examining and interacting with people, their hometowns, and their school education and manners should be male. It is often not enough to even take the first step in the common life of a human being, whether it is a woman or a woman. Like men, women will appreciate their femininity, the status of femininity, and the importance of life in common, after many mistakes and good deeds, and will be able to find their balance. If the matter is examined from this point of view, and then a man can know from the first sinn-i shabab and the heat of the circuit, the action he has made at every stage of his life and which he has a tendency to commit -benefit to the mer'i kavait-i moraliyye- On the condition that it does not go beyond logic, it does not prevent him from being a man of virtue and seriousness, and on the contrary, this operation is regarded as an experience in life, and only such a man can know best how to know a woman, to make a woman happy, to be happy with a woman. taken into account,

The izdivac style of our ancestors and Ottoman dilavers is a style preferred by proud men. For an Ottoman, there is one or more women who are either self-made or compelled to do so, subject to every command and sign. Big valiant can only deal with these in time. Then there is the horse, there are the weapons. His military service with horse and weapon is enough to entertain art, victory and wealth in his own way.


But I think we won't be able to keep women today as they were under the terrible eyes of our grandfathers.


The bottom line: Let's be brave in this women's issue. Let's leave the delusions... Let them open up, let's decorate their minds with serious ulûm and funûn. Let's explain chastity in a scientific way. Let's give priority to their honor and dignity. Then, when it comes to personal contact, let's look for a wife who is compatible with our nature and morals and decide our marriage with him clearly and definitively. When we fail to comply with him, let's take care of him. Let women act like this!..


Sunday, July 7, 1918

Today, after having lunch with Cemal and Hüsnü Bey at the restaurant pup, we came to my apartment to have a Turkish style coffee. While they were drinking coffee, I read this memoir to them.

After the lines about the women issue at the end of the July 6 memoir, Cemal Bey

- Then, he said! Did they say anything?

I said, "Shayan-ı recording did not come up with another idea. The idea drawn from these writings of mine is, perhaps, somewhat elastic. It doesn't solve the issue radically, and I don't want to explore any other expression of it.

Cemal Bey told about some of his actions while he was the police director in Adana, in order to confirm that compliance with the public opinion is not always permissible or necessary. I also talked about some of the works that touch on the same point, Diyarbakır.


Until now, when I went to the Imperial for evening parties, I was either wearing a military dress or a jacket or a black civilian dress. However, the large toilets of the aforementioned residents and the fact that the men were in tuxedos made me prefer to wear my tuxedo when I went civilian.

After tonight, Emin Bey and his companion Hanım, Cemal Pasha's brother Kemal Bey and Seyfi Bey's companion Mebruke were interviewed for a while in the hall. Recently, Madam Cemal Pasha also came to our table. Hüseyin Cahit Bey was with him in the other hall where Madam Cemal Pasha was. We greet and exchange a few words with Hüseyin Cahit at every chance I meet. But, I guess Emin Bey noticed that there was no old and strict dissent among us, and he said to me, "I guess you haven't met Hüseyin Cahit Bey before dinner." I'm not that much, however, it would be beneficial for me to meet him. He is probably one of the distinguished persons of our country. I was found in the answer.

Hüseyin Cahit Bey's Golden Pen

It was after the declaration of freedom. One night, in the afternoon, I heard that there was going to be a wonderful meeting at the military club. However, since I am a member of the military club's delegation, Kerim Bey (Elyevm Corps Commander Kerim Pasha) and Cemil Bey (Erkan-ı harp, First Army Corps Chief of Staff) and Ali Şevket Bey, who constituted the delegation with me. (Elyevm Albanian officer, major, I saw him in Vienna. He is a member of the Austrian army and is wearing the uniform of the aforementioned army). Without our knowledge, such a meeting would not have occurred. This was the requirement of the club's regulations. From this and this, I took a cue from this, and I understood that it was the army commander Hadi Pasha who decided and gave the order directly, and that the Chief of the Military Staff Ali Pasha was personally involved.

In the evening time, I also entered the assembly hall. The hall was completely filled with senior and junior officers and commanders.

Some officers give a speech one after another, everyone applauds. I paid attention to the words spoken, I asked Ali Pasha, I understood the reason for the meeting and the applauded words. The golden pen of the famous Muharrir Hüseyin Cahit Bey...

In those days, one of the Greek newspapers used insulting words about the Ottoman army in an article he wrote... No one spoke out against it, only Hüseyin Cahit Bey rejected this insult with his pen, this action was appreciated by the officer, they made an attempt before the commander, Cahit. A gift was planned to be presented to the Bey on behalf of the officer in Thessaloniki, and this meeting was held to decide on it and to collect the money required from the officer for its supply...

Now Tahsin Efendi's very passionate and mutant speech was applauded. Tahsin Efendi was my classmate. He had resigned or had been a captain when he was a captain and was publishing the newspaper Silah in Thessaloniki. As it is known to those who read this newspaper, it was financial with meaningless words and ideas that aroused the frequenters of the neighborhood coffee houses... Tahsin Efendi was nicknamed (Gunsmith Tahsin). This form of talaqqub originated from two different kinds of talakkub. Some of them are mocking the fact that the newspaper Silah is the publisher of rants, and some others... When one of them read this newspaper aloud in the neighborhood cafe and the others listen to it, they almost got fired and the heavy curses that Tahsin hurled at the palikariyas or Muscovites, shot a rifle into the lungs of the enemies, Since they never doubted that he was acting like a gun bullet, they called the rank and file bu (babayiğit) to (gunsmith). Those who did not know his personality, morality and spirit, when they read his writings, might think that he is a hero who truly loves the nation and his love for the homeland, and whose heart is burning, and who seeks death for his nation and homeland with the help of fire. Of course, it was not difficult for the connoisseur to appreciate ignorance and charlatanism... But for the common people in villages, towns and even in big cities, Tahsin was a symbol of nationality and patriotism. I think it was a poor weird type. When those who did not know the spirit of the Force read his writings, they might think that he is a hero who truly loves the nation and his love for the homeland, whose heart is burning and who seeks death for his nation and homeland with the help of fire. Of course, it was not difficult for the connoisseur to appreciate ignorance and charlatanism... But for the common people in villages, towns and even in big cities, Tahsin was a symbol of nationality and patriotism. I think it was a poor weird type. When those who did not know the spirit of the Force read his writings, they might think that he is a hero who truly loves the nation and his love for the homeland, whose heart is burning and who seeks death for his nation and homeland with the help of fire. Of course, it was not difficult for the connoisseur to appreciate ignorance and charlatanism... But for the common people in villages, towns and even in big cities, Tahsin was a symbol of nationality and patriotism. I think it was a poor weird type.

The fate of the bereaved was very disastrous. In 1913, when I was an attaché in Sofia, I saw Gunman Tahsin in front of the embassy, ​​wearing a strange civilian dress and possibly a pair of boots from his time as a police officer.

- No, Tahsin Bey, I said. What are you doing here, when did you come?

"I came yesterday," he said. I was looking for you. I want to meet.

- Here you go, I said. While I was about to enter the embassy, ​​I had a bad eye. Tahsin Bey and I went to my own residence. I was residing in Sofia, on Boulouvard Ferdinand, in a beautiful house known by all Sofia cars as Numiero Trissised...

Enver Pasha established an organization under the name of "Organisation". The aim of this is to follow the special maqasid in Macedonia, in the Caucasus, in Egypt, in Africa, in Acemistan, in Turkestan, in short, wherever the Ottoman Amal-i Milliye can find küsayis...

Suleiman Military Bey was one of Enver Pasha's most advanced assistants in this regard, who was upset because he was defeated in the battle with the British and committed suicide in Baghdad. The most active branch of this special organization was the one dealing with Macedonia. As a result of the negotiations with some of the Bulgarian committee dreams in Istanbul, they decided to form a (Macedonian) Committee and to work together... Suleyman Military was frequently proving to be an executive in Sofia for this purpose. After Süleyman Military Bey was appointed as the Governor and Commander of Basra, a person who was my friend and was known among his friends as Solak İbrahim came to Sofia to fulfill the same duty.

In Istanbul, they sent every person who called themselves a hero to Sofia to be imported to the committee and transferred to Macedonia. Gunman Tahsin Bey had also arrived at this place. This poor fellow had come to Sofia, imagining that he was going to do his duty to write articles in the newspaper Silah, which provoked love and agitation, but inactive admiration, to the public. When he realized that it would be necessary to cross into Macedonia, to banditry in the mountains, to take the gun from his newspaper's head and use it, Tahsin was sent to a job that he could not do, and he realized that he was expelled from Istanbul for the purpose of rehabilitating and repelling the misery and suffering in Istanbul after expressing his misery and suffering here and there. ... What do I do now, he said.

I said, "You will go with your friends, you will put on your sandals and take the Mauser in your hand, and you will work until you achieve what your political purpose is."

- First of all, I did not understand what the political purpose was. Nobody told me anything. He said, "I can't wander in the mountains blindly like this, I will return to Istanbul."

- You can't go back to Istanbul, I said.

- Why! Said.

At that time, I asked if the committee he joined had a regulation and whether he had read it. He immediately took a copy out of his pocket.

- Is this? said.

- Yes! I said, read this, I have also made an italian on this occasion.

Tahsin Bey started to read aloud starting from the first item. I don't know what item it was, I told him to read it a little more carefully and once again. He did so, but he could not transfer to the mana that I was extracting. I couldn't understand it for re-reading and understanding. Again! I said...

This article belonged to the penalty that would be imposed on those who were included in the committee if they broke their word, and I drew the attention of Tahsin Bey to this issue.

- What do you mean? What can this mean to me? They didn't even make me swear. I will not have violated my oath by going to Istanbul.

Tahsin could not grasp the situation to the extent that I encompassed it. However, I was ruling that if Tahsin went to Istanbul, he would be executed by the committee. Because this newly formed committee will want to impose violence in the organization of seriousness and in accordance with the regulations.

On the contrary, Tahsin could not be a light prey for irae. However, I refrained from giving further explanations, opinions and explanations. Because I knew Tahsin was a fuss. After drawing his attention to this article once again and seriously, I kept the old man silent.

- I, he said, will go to Istanbul and make a deal with this person. But I have no money. Please give me travel money alone.

It was very natural and insignificant for me to show such a small amount of money to my old school friend. But first of all, in order not to delay your trip and not to let anyone think that you are traveling to Istanbul with my help.

- Well, I'll give you as much money as you want, but not to go to Istanbul... And I don't have any money with me anyway. I said I keep it in the safe at the embassy.

He said, "Don't worry, I will go to Istanbul only to understand the situation better and to do it again."

At that time, my deputy, İsmail Hakkı Bey, came to Sobranya. He was also Tahsin's friend.

I said you can refer to İsmail Bey. And so the money issue was settled. I think it was a day later, Talat Pasha (then the gentleman) had come to Sofia. Tahsin came to the counselor in front of everyone in the embassy and spoke loudly about himself, the situation and the irrationality. Talat Pasha took the mumaileyh to the hall so that they would not say more, and they met alone... He did not return to Istanbul, but after he went there and talked to the necessary people, he told him to act according to the merits of the telegram he would give via Fethi Bey.

After Talat Pasha's hunt, Tahsin waits for a few more days. Finally, since nothing has happened, he moves to Istanbul.

Five or ten days later, I am reading a case-i muessif in the newspapers of Istanbul.

Gunman Tahsin Bey's body was found in a sack in the cemetery. May Allah forgive the deceased's negligence...!

Let's come to Cahit Bey's golden pen: This poor Tahsin was saying with all the force and eloquence of his applauded gestures, and his statement, which was very effective for some:

The army, all this heroic Ottoman army, the good successors of our brave ancestors, who planted red banners on all these Vienna walls, were defiant in the face of the laughter of the Greek palikarias. A mean Athenian rag, yesterday, in the streets of Athens with its columns that insulted and insulted the lion Ottoman officers, in the Piraeus Wharf, all the way to our Creden, in Chania, which was in the grip of the Venizelos brothers, here is the sacred Turkish homeland, which is the source of freedom. In Thessaloniki's Hürriyet Square, it was being distributed in arms. No one, yes no one, even wanted to see this piece of mud, this piece of gilzet thrown against the dignity of the army. Here is Hüseyin Cahit Bey, our venerable author, our great patriot, who saw this immediately, was deeply touched, clung to his pen and replied to the lowly patriarchs. He defended the honor and dignity of the army. Of course he needs a golden pen! The army will present this as well.”

On the contrary, he was listening to these lively words.

I, the commander of the army, in the presence of the Chief of the Military Staff and other military dignitaries, was not satisfied with this oratorship of Captain Tahsin Efendi or Gunner Tahsin Bey in the hall allocated to the members of the war game and art conference members of the military club. I thought this was hypocritical of the military, the military, and on the one hand, I was angry with the commander of the army, who was incapable of allowing such a union and such a move.

I stood up to answer Tahsin Bey: "I said Tahsin Efendi! I confess that I do not yet know what the insult intended to be conferred on our army in the Greek newspapers is. Although it is not likely that there are people who have been heedless about this issue like me, I would like to ask you for the illumination of this aspect, first of all!" However, Tahsin Bey did not have any fundamental information on this matter, and no one else remained silent.

I continued: “If a Greek newspaper has indeed insulted the Ottoman army, Hüseyin Cahit Bey's reply with an article cannot cover it. The matter needs to be taken more seriously. It is possible that our government should make an attempt in this matter in accordance with the procedure. More than that, to show the anger and anger of the army, I think Cahit Bey's article has no effect whatsoever. The extraordinary happens, for example, a heroic member of the army, like your Excellency, gets up, goes to Athens, and on his own behalf and on his own account, but as a no-nonsense part of the Ottoman army, the author who wrote that insulting article and the editor of the newspaper who published it, in short, favors this insult. invites the agent or people to a duel or if he realizes that he cannot make it accepted, the hills directly and by surrendering himself, he consents to all kinds of actions for the honor and dignity of the Ottoman army. In my opinion, it is enough to draw up a telegram letter to Hüseyin Cahit on behalf of the third army, and to inform the army officer's feelings of appreciation in this vigorous meeting, in which the act-i fact is necessary. . However, as a result, I think there was a telegram drawing that was actually implemented. However, they did not spend money on collecting money for the golden pen. However, as a result, I think there was a telegram drawing that was actually implemented. However, they did not spend money on collecting money for the golden pen. However, as a result, I think there was a telegram drawing that was actually implemented.

Mebruke's Ijtihad

Seyfi Bey's companion Ms. Mebruke says, "All our young girls do not like their mothers after they have had a little more education and training. They see them as common. I'm very angry about that. In my opinion, mothers should not continue their education to a level that will exceed their own level. Let them be ignorant...

- I said, ma'am! This is very natural. The one who is at a high level does not like what is dûn from his own level. But in this situation, shouldn't it be appreciated and encouraged? If each new person rises to such an extent that he does not like the old one, then only then can he bring into being a succession that is at a higher level than the other, and that is the goal of progress. That's why we shouldn't choose the idea of ​​leaving our young girls and young men intellectually and intellectually dependent on the past, and allowing them to go beyond a certain backward border, and these things that cause your attention and anger are not only in us, but in every nation. I remembered it from a book by Marcel Prévaurt. In his first letter to a young woman, in whom the reporter played the role of a novice, he says, before committing to it, while still a young girl, Considering that according to the education and training you have received and the level of thought you have acquired, you have requested letters from me to ensure this purpose, considering that your parents are no longer a level of wisdom that will give you advice and will. After mentioning this point, the author continues his letter and says that after you get married, you have exempted yourself from your uncle's letters, with the thought that your life can be a torch for you from every point of view. But after you have experienced the first phase of this new life, you will have applied to your uncle. It is clear from Marcel Prévaurt's remarks in this manner that his wife could not satisfy this woman either. You asked for letters to fulfill this purpose. After mentioning this point, the author continues his letter and says that after you get married, you have exempted yourself from your uncle's letters, with the thought that your life can be a torch for you from every point of view. But after you have experienced the first phase of this new life, you will have applied to your uncle. It is clear from Marcel Prévaurt's remarks in this manner that his wife could not satisfy this woman either. You asked for letters to fulfill this purpose. After mentioning this point, the author continues his letter and says that after you get married, you have exempted yourself from your uncle's letters, with the thought that your life can be a torch for you from every point of view. But after you have experienced the first phase of this new life, you will have applied to your uncle. It is clear from Marcel Prévaurt's remarks in this manner that his wife could not satisfy this woman either.

I disguised to turn the ground into latifah, I said, "Our daughters, who are not educated and grow up in our country, where I am most affected, do not like us. In fact, according to what I have heard, there are some people who have come to the German officers who have been apparently distorted recently. In fact, this must be seen, of course. When I was young, I always said that I would marry a European girl. I didn't even remember our girls. I used to find them incapable of accompaniment in terms of their education, upbringing and social habits. However, after examining and contemplating the conditions necessary for the continuance and ability of the good-natured imtizac to be continuation in marriage, there is something as nazar-i as the strangeness of the union of two people of different religion, nationality, good manners, morals and adab. It is clear that it is not.

In this connection, my friend, doctor Rasim Ferit Bey, came to the fore. The doctor's accompaniment is a Frenchman. On the occasion of the battle, he is in Paris, where he went to make a move. In fact, madame Rasim Bey is a very nice and precious woman. She is extraordinarily beautiful. She also loves her husband very much, and Rasim Ferit cries for him... Ms. Mebruke also knew the doctor and knew that she was crying for her companion. We have been to many sites. Madam Cemal Pasha also came to us when we were talking about Hayat-ı İzdivaciye and especially about Mebruke Hanım's uncle and my Sofia friend Cevdet Bey, and his skills in the high society. He joined the conversation and said:

- Cevdet Bey had upset Sofia, but how sad was his poor companion.

- But, I said, Cevdet Bey has a lot of affection for his companion.

- She said she has no affection for Madam Cemal Pasha, she shows respect.

- I said no, he also shows respect and affection.

- No, he said no.

Then I remembered a sentence from M. Prévaurt's writings, and I said it.

- Le mariage est une chose, I'amour est une autre chose, (Marriage is one thing, love is another). By that I mean, you mean there is no love and no quarrel. However, its body is not absolute in marriage.

Thereupon, Madam Cemal Pasha said;

- Pasha, I will not marry you off.

- I do not intend to get married until I resolve my hesitations on this matter. Already now the lady - Ms. Mebruke - was talking about a 31-year-old old man. Since I'm 36, 37, it means it's past my time to get married.

Invitation to sleep in my bed

After I go to bed, I read a book with the help of the faint glow of the small electric lamp on the tabl de nui to bring sleep...

A young girl with a higher education, who sees the world as narrow for herself, seeks advice from her uncle, who is a philosophy teacher at a school, about "socialisme". The teacher takes the young girl to her library, asks if she speaks English and German, and after receiving a positive answer, she could give her 10, 15, 20 or even more volumes of books. However, he gets into trouble regarding the book's choice. Finally, the professor's fingers rest on a book - that's what he says, that's the root of all stupidity.

The old man corrects this statement as follows:

- This is the beginning of endless follies. Because civil commotion does not occur from a source. The young man approaches and reads: Karl Marx. To ''Le capital'' and his uncle

- Can you give it to me on a loan? says.

- No, no... A little later the old man says: Socialisme is the most stupid idea.

So is individualism. Because first of all it is socialisme optimiste. Here is his (87) primary purity! Socialisme thinks that one day it will arrange everything in the world in the best way possible. I would rather learn, where does socialisme get this hope from? If I distinguish something that will be taken into account, such as pointing to the improvement of any issue in this world, it would be necessary to prove that it has any permanent law or initiative and subject.

The girl then told her uncle -Then you are the conservateur.

Old man shouting - Conservateur? Never! How is it possible to preserve something in this universe, which is condemned to constant change? Conservateurs are those men who want to keep the water of the river in their hands, and they have nothing but a piece of mud on their fingers.

“Then if you are not a conservateur, you are a révolutionnair,” said the young girl.


- No darling!...

- Then socialiste.

The professor replies as follows:

- I am not a conservateur, because I cannot preserve an old and broken realm.

I am not a Revolutionnaire. Because I am not able to change anything in this world, which I do not like and which is already changing on its own. I am not a socialist, I am not able to see the transition before it happens, and the second naivety of socialisme is this: this daring thinks himself influential. The third folly presents the projects of socialisme to disorder and claims to bring order to chance. No man can have an influence. And some people's influences always take a different form than they imagine.

There are people connected to the past. (néant-nan) air conservatives. There are people who are passionate about the future: prophets of air, a changed subalternity that lives in time (Nothing) (89).

Then the young girl says - You don't believe in anything! Oh yes, you believe, no! But isn't believing in nothing the same as believing in absolutely nothing?

The old man was shaking his head calmly and muttering, "No, no." Girl

- Why do you say "no, no..."?

Old poof! she said, in complete safety and certainty!.. Girl

- It seems to me that you will be able to say "yes, yes..." in this absolute absoluteness...


Today, the first German lesson was taken. After failing to get along with the first German teacher, the second was found. This seems to be the owner.

Monday, July 8, 1918

As every day, the doctor's schedule was followed. Moreover, after 3 o'clock, we toured all the equipment and equipment with Emin Bey. After 5 o'clock we went to Kaiserpark by car. Then...... Today I had my evening meal at Pupp.

Today, there is sâyân-ı zabt and examination, shifts in âtî, but since I do not have time, I am content to only note:

1- The position of Cemal Pasha, the source of wealth for the style of life he followed.

2- Talat Pasha's treatment of Cemal Pasha! What would be the reason?

3- What policy does Enver Pasha follow against me? What should I decide against this?

4- What kind of positions can the new sultan take?

Tuesday, July 9, 1918

First day of Ramadan Feast

For the first time, I took a bath in the area of ​​Karlsbad called Furtnu Bad. From 10 am to 12.30 pm, we had a great car deign with the teacher. We visited a tile factory in Aieh. We ate together. Then I slept at home; At 4 o'clock I took a bath to relieve the weight I felt on me. We met with Cemal and Hüsnü Bey, who came to congratulate him on the following holiday!

1- What kind of policy should the Ottoman Empire follow?

2- The ideal of Turkishness.

3- What should be the evil eye to be followed about Arabia, Turkistan and other nations?

4- The knowledge of our sovereign state about the country. (Mr. Cavit)

5- Methods of tithe of tithe, trust, tender, maktûiyet (In Egypt...)

6- The issue of İsmail Hakkı Pasha.

7- The issue of Cemal Pasha.

Wednesday, July 10, 1918, Thursday, July 11

I am not going to write the appearance of these two days. Like many of my memories, what is wrong with them getting involved in the riot? Let's just say that people always hide the truth.

Friday, July 12, 1918

I could barely get up at 9.20 in the morning. Today, the program has been turned upside down in terms of drinking water and buying a bath. In the evening, after walking alone for a few hours, I ate at Vaisshaupt restaurant. While hunting home, I saw the landlady and her daughter. They invited me to Corcert in Courfaus tomorrow night. I was undressed at home, I was going to work. The porter informed me that a French madam had arrived with a monsieur. I was accepted into the hall. After getting dressed, I went out to them. This woman was a Swiss but, presented by her German teacher two days ago. She was teaching French. A young beautiful woman, her eyes are a sweet blue, but it is not noticed. Informed. She expressed many admonitions about the improvement and development of the German, English and French nations. Finally, I said that I wanted to benefit from him in the French language. We agreed to 100 Kro a week. Tomorrow at 11.30 am Sıblassberg at Haus York. I'm going to this madame's house. What is the factor that prompted me to learn French from this great woman? He cannot read, write, see and correct what is written... Then what kind of a teacher can this be?

This woman speaks with a beautiful accent and in German...

The articles on Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14, were written entirely in French. Let's read the following parts of them in Turkish:

July 13, 1918

I woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning. In the 20 minutes between the first and the second glass of water ...... that I had to drink every 20 minutes, Şevki shaved me and I took my bath. After all my toilet was finished, I went to the office and read a little of a French book and studied German. Today I had to go to Madame Heiniche, where I was going to take French lessons. 11.30 was the agreed time for the lesson. I left the house at 11 am to be there at that exact hour. I arrived at Madame Heiniche's store in a quarter, with a heavy walk; A boy from the store took me to the apartment on the 3rd floor of the house.

Child: He left me in front of the entrance door, contenting himself with saying "This is the gentleman".

Madame Heiniche was waiting for me in the living room of her apartment. He graciously accepted me and invited me to sit in the armchair placed by the window. She took her place on the sofa with a round table in front of her. I couldn't help being out of breath because I was tired while climbing the stairs of three floors. Although he couldn't see, his breathing caught his attention: Mr. General, these troublesome stairs tired you out, didn't you? And suddenly changing the topic of conversation:

- If I'm not mistaken, the gentleman is not married yet! Would you rather marry a European woman or a woman of your nationality?

I replied that it doesn't matter.

In fact, my thought was that if I got married, I would prefer a Turkish woman. But in order not to get into a long conversation where he might be offended, I chose to interrupt the conversation about marriage.

He asked me questions about my military life; I briefly told him about my military life.

I brought Balzac's "la Peau de chagrin", and I wanted to read a few pages to correct my pronunciation and explain words I didn't know.

While he was choosing to continue speaking, I explained to him what I expected from this French lesson.

- Sir, you have nothing to correct, you pronounce French well and check the dictionary for words you don't know, do you have a dictionary?

- So Madame? I asked.

He did not listen to this question and continued:

After an hour's talk, I broke up with Madam Heiniche. The next day, he would come to me at 11 o'clock in the morning.

I was wandering between Pupp and Muhlbrun after eating at Vaisshaupt.

Sunday 14 July 1918

A trip to Elbogen

At 4:50 on Sunday, July 14, 1918, I was at home waiting for Mademoiselle Brandner. Yesterday we decided to drive to Elbongen, which is 15 kilometers southwest of Karlsbad and known for its old castle.

The car was ordered yesterday. It was 5 o'clock as we walked through the crowds from the city of Karlsbad. The car was following the road along the Eger River. We left Donitz, Tich behind us, approaching the Hans Heiling restaurant, Mademoiselle Brandner seemed interested in the Turkish army. He asked me about the number and availability of our armies.

In my answers I explained that we have strong enough armies.

- This amazes me! said. Turkey has been fighting non-stop since 1911. After one war, another followed, right? The Turkish-Italian war, the Balkan war, and then this General War that has been going on for 4 years. It can be thought that all resources of Turkey, especially the army, are almost exhausted! Where do you find so many people to kill on battlefields?

Then I said to him:

- So let me explain to you:

During the Turkish-Italian war, Turkey could not use its own forces. You know that the Italians caught us before we declared war. They cut off the sea route. Ottoman Africa, without an army, was left to the Italian siege. The Italians occupied Tripoli, Benghazi, Derne and the cities on the Mediterranean coast without any obstacle. If the Italian armed forces fought for a year, from beginning to end, it was not the regular army that beat them, no, mademoiselle, it was just a few Turkish commanders at the head of the desert emigrants.

I was there myself, commanding the Cyrénaique Derne forces. You see, Mademoiselle, the Turkish army was never touched in this war.

The Balkan war, on the other hand, is not a war in which the Turkish army participates. This was something else, a defeat! But it was not the defeat of the Turkish army, no, it was the destruction of the old in Turkey, the withdrawal of the ignorant command staff at the head of the Turkish army. The Balkan forces owed the results of this war to the ignorance of the people who dominated Turkey at that time.

It can be said that this war was also a surprise for Turkey. The army did not have enough time to unite and assemble according to a plan. The enemy attacks were met with the vanguard.

The great and genuine Turkish army could not be formed. There were times when the troops were demobilized instead of calling the nation to the army. The ignorance of a few people who held all the power in their hands offered the most valuable part of the country to the enemy when they were capable of defending with courage and without using a capable army. It is a fact that there is only one year for Turkey to regain its former state before the current war breaks out. It is obvious that nothing great can be done in such a short time. But time, above all, provided the appropriate time, as an event, to replace youth with the old.

Enver, a young officer, took advantage of the frosty period as a result of the loss of European Turkey and became the head of the Ottoman army as the Minister of War. His first and greatest service to the army was to free the army from those old pieces of cloth.

After reason, the army changed its face so quickly that it was quick to show its worth by defeating the British at the Dardanelles, assisting the Austrians in Galicia, and cooperating victoriously with the allied armies in Macedonia and Romania.

In short, Mademoiselle, I see no harm in claiming that if the Turks had not entered this general war, the current military situation, which seems in favor of the Allies, would have shown the opposite.

After seeing the victories of the Turks in Çanakkale, Bulgaria believed that it was necessary to enter the war together with its Turkish friends.

The Hindenburg would not have been the Hindenburg if the Hindenburg had not repulsed the Russian attacks advancing in the Galician mountains with the help of the Turkish army.

If the Turkish army had not held the Russian, British and French masses in front of the Turkish army in the Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Palestin, and finally on all borders of Turkey, and if Turkey had not sacrificed some parts of its homeland, would it be believed that the German army would have survived as it is today? Mademoiselle, no! How regrettable that this truth is not even known to the majority of Turks!

''15 Monday, 16 Tuesday, 17 Wednesday, 18 Thursday, 19 Friday, 20 Saturday''

It was not good to write 6 days of adventure day by day.

During these days, the German lesson was addressed. We met Madame Corbétie. We had dinner at Imperial the first night, including Vermer.


I met with Cavit Bey and Pertev Pasha at Imperial. A visit to Madam Cemal Pasha... At 20, Emin Bey went. Interview with Kazım Emin Bey.

The idea of ​​going to Istanbul awoke.

Sunday, 21st July 1918

I woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning. I drank a glass of water. I bought a bath at home. Since the mud bath was so tiring, I dismissed it without consulting the doctor. I spent time with breakfast and toilet until 11 o'clock.


At 7.30 am I am waiting for Kazım Emin Bey and his companion. I invited them to dinner at Pupp's tonight.

22 Monday 1918

At 10 o'clock I went to the Berlin station. To confirm Madam Cemal Pasha.


The lady came with Hüseyin Cahit Bey. Hüseyin Cahit Bey was showing a very serious and unfamiliar attitude. He said that while the preparation of the train was being prepared, the Germans messed up the attack. - I said, of course, Trop de Zel!

The train has arrived. After teşyi the lady, we left the station with Hüseyin Cahit Bey. He said come to me; A taxpayer car was waiting. I said I have a car. He expressed his desire to go together. I sent my nefer by car. I got into the car. This car belonged to Prince Burhanettin Efendi. The following was discussed in the car.

Kulman, the time has passed for the general war to settle with the military vesait. He was compelled to withdraw because he said that politics should be involved. The soldiers made this last offensive to actually demonstrate the claim that the army could settle matters. But with this they have destroyed themselves. From now on, it seems more important for the Germans to give importance to defense rather than offensive action. We had heard that one million soldiers from the United States had arrived in Paris two months ago, and that one million were in transit and another million had been prepared.

I think the partial success of the Germans in this last period was due to the fact that they did not leave the initiative to their opponents. Although they did not have a great effect on the whole front, he was surprising the enemy by gathering a very strong force on a small part, which the enemy did not know, and by acting quickly. I fear that the initiative will fall into the hands of the British and the French. Then the issue becomes peace.

I don't think the Austrians will do anything from now on. It was a mistake to make this last attack anyway. It is possible that they did it by force of the Germans.


I think that the revival of the Russians and their being with the British is not a possibility. The policy of the Bulgarians is caution.

Austria's internal situation may become such that it can cut the military strength of the Alliance party.

- Rahmi Bey did not accept the Ministry of Public Works.

In fact, it is not possible to do anything that belongs to nafia on the occasion of the war.

Possibly Rahmi Bey, considering this aspect, rejected the offer in this chapter.

- I was probably envisioning Rahmi Bey's inclusion in the Delegation.

Although, in terms of umûr-i nâfia, nothing can be done for the time being other than preparing plans for atiye.

However, by being present at the Delegation, it could be nafi in terms of the right of the cabinet over the general delegation of the country. He, like the Canpolads, would forbid the intelligent and meticulous personal cabinet from arbitrary action.

I found Izzet Pasha's appointment as a seryaver significant. Because he could not be a squire. Then, on the throne of this reputation, the military adviser of the Sultan, the Chief of the Erkan-ı Harbiye takes a position. He takes advantage of himself. Probably not one of those who love avant-garde.

At the Mühlbrun bridge, Hüseyin Cahit Bey left me alone in the car. He went down there to seek his companion. The car dropped me off at my residence.


Tonight, Sunday, July 27, I decided to go to Vienna.


Saturday, July 27, 1918

I arrived at the station at 8:30 in the morning. 1.30 hours before the train's departure time. Because the concierge had not yet succeeded in buying tickets and arranging the necessary treatment.

The train left exactly at 10 o'clock. I was in only one compartment. I felt great fatigue. I read until one o'clock. Then I ate and went to bed, slept until 4 o'clock. After that, I read books until I went to Vienna. Arrived at 8.30 am. In the telegram given to the Hotel Bristole it was stated that he would send an automobile. We didn't stumble upon this at the station. I hired two cars, one with belongings and Şevki, one with me and we came to the hotel. When I checked into the hotel, they said that the car was sent; but I couldn't find it and couldn't use it...

- We went out with Cemal Pasha's brother Kemal Bey, who I came across at the door of the hotel. I had no appetite, I just drank tea mixed with rum and after Kemal Bey left I took a bath and went to bed.

One of the great generals of the French Revolution:

Desaix, Lecourbe, Moreau were translations of Gauvian-saint Cyr. All these powerful generals were the rage and envy of Napoleon.

I have not been able to entrust the memoirs of my days in Karlsbad completely and completely in these notebooks. There are two reasons for this, firstly, I did not have time to write as much as necessary; Secondly, how could I secure everything I thought and did, that is, all mystic ideas and my life, in these notebooks? I'm not even going to ruin what I wrote one day, possibly in the very near future. It is because it has always been such that until now, there is no worthy memory or journal. If I am able to live in my own world in a calm and completely neutral state, then it will probably be an occupation for me to write my memoirs, because I can keep every stage of my life in my mind with all its details, I do not only remember the date, the day, the name. I will probably arrange it by another means.

- In Karlsbad, the use I have made is not to the degree that I am responsible. The root of my ailments is still present.


Vienna Sunday, 28 July 1918

I woke up at 7.30 am. I have a resentment that is almost at the level of discomfort. I cough like I have a cold. I asked for a tea before getting out of bed. They brought saccharine. I made Şevki wake up for sugar.

After drinking the tea, it was time until 8.30 with shaving and toilet. After that, I went into the living room. I closed my memories of my days in Karlsbad at the end of the fifth book. Now, I am opening a new notebook, this notebook, for these few days of memoirs that will be spent in Vienna. Last night at the hotel Bristol in Vienna, I wanted to start one of the French books I had just bought. I read a few pages from the beginning of almost all of them, but I couldn't decide on any of them for the continuation. Le Baron de Batz's "Vers I'echafand", Francois chal Raux's "Les origine de l'eğpedition d'Egypte", J. Patouillet's book on "Ostrovski". I always reviewed.


Appendix : The diary notebooks covering the month of July 1918 are the memories Mustafa Kemal wrote in six notebooks under the title of "My Past Days" in Karlsbad, only the 6th notebook was written as one page on the day he came to Vienna from Karlsbad. Other pages remained blank.

In these five notebooks written in old letters, specific names and some idioms were recorded in French. The two diary entries are also entirely in French. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk opens his thoughts on military, political and social issues and makes quotations especially from the books he reads. However, they often do not express their own opinions.

In these one-month memoirs, Atatürk is in preparation to shape the future of Turkey, which is devoted to its national identity.

Kaynak: Prof. Dr. Afet İnan

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