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What You Didn't Know About Atatürk
Do you know what were the special interests of the Great Leader Atatürk?
Atatürk was interested in a variety of things. He enjoyed reading books, listening to music, dancing, horseback riding, watching airplanes fly, and swimming. He had an interest in traditional Turkish dances like the "Zeybek" and "güreş" wrestling as well as Rumelian folk songs. He also enjoyed playing backgammon and billiards. He cherished his horse named Sakarya and his dog named Fox. Atatürk had a large collection of books and enjoyed hosting evening dinners with state officials, artists, scientists, and friends to discuss the country's issues. He was very conscious of his appearance and took care to dress cleanly and neatly. Atatürk had a great love for nature.
Do you know which book Atatürk read as his bedside book during the most difficult days of our War of Independence?
Atatürk read and kept Reşat Nuri Güntekin's famous novel "Çalıkuşu" by his bedside as his favorite book during the difficult days of the Turkish War of Independence.
Do you know which special symbols Ulu Önder Atatürk used to mark the sentences that caught his attention while reading books and their meanings?
Atatürk used special marks to take notes in the books he read. These were: "xx": Important. "xxx": Very important. "müh.": Significant. "D.": Attention. "?": Disagrees with the stated idea or is doubtful.
According to his own words, what is the most extraordinary thing in Atatürk's life?
"The most extraordinary thing in Atatürk's life, in his own words, is being born as a "Turk". He gave this answer in response to the question asked to him.
What is the meaning of the name of the yacht, Savarona, which was acquired for Atatürk?
The name of the yacht purchased for Atatürk is Savarona and it is a combination of two names. "Sava" is the name given to a legendary bird believed to live in the Atlantic. "Rona" is the maiden name of Mrs. Cadwalader, the first owner of the Savarona. When these two words are combined, a brand new word that does not exist in any language is formed: Savarona...
What is Atatürk's favorite lesson during his school years?
Atatürk's favorite lesson is "mathematics". He has said this himself many times.
What is the last food he wants to eat in the last days of his life?
The last food he wanted to eat during his illness was "artichoke". Since he was not in Istanbul during his illness, he was asked from Hatay, but he could not be raised before his death.
What is Atatürk's favorite flower?
"Pungently scented carnation" is her favorite flower.
What is Atatürk's favorite food?
We know that he prefers dry beans and rice the most.
What are the names of Atatürk's dogs?
Atatürk had three dogs throughout his life. These are respectively 1- Alp 2- Alber 3- Fox
What is the name and meaning of Atatürk's favorite horse?
Sakarya gave the name "Sakarya" to this horse in memory of the Battle of Sakarya, gave the horse to Latife Hanım as an engagement gift and sent it to İzmir.
What is Atatürk's favorite sport?
Wrestle. He loved wrestling, our ancestral sport, and did it himself when appropriate.
What was Atatürk's biggest dream?
Her biggest dream was to go on a "World tour".
What color would he prefer in his shirts?
White is an indispensable color. All of their shirts are white in color.
What was your favorite dance?
"Waltz" is his favorite type of dance. He also loved to carve "Zeybek"
How many brothers did Atatürk have and what were their names?
Atatürk is six brothers. Siblings; Fatma (1872-1875), Ahmet (1874-1883), Ömer (1875-1883), Makbule (1885-1956), Naciye (1889-1901)
"What is Atatürk's favorite dessert?
"Semolina halvah" is her favorite Turkish dessert.
What was the last word he said before his death?
Before his death "What time is it?" he asked the question.
What are the terms Atatürk introduced to our geometry?
Atatürk has brought many terms to our language in the field of geometry. Many of the Turkish gometry terms we use today have passed into our language thanks to him. These terms are; Angle, bisector, area, plus, pentagon, dimension, over, diameter, cross, plumb, circle, exterior angle, vertical, quadrilateral, vertical, level, oblique, minus, equal, equilateral, justification, interior angle, isosceles, The terms are section, position, diagonal, ratio, proportion, parallelogram, base, tangent, sum, derivative, space, space, triangle, assumption, trapezoid, horizontal, and congruent.
Which institutions did Atatürk visit the most during his domestic trips?
He was especially careful to visit schools and educational institutions during his country tours. The education of the children of the Republic was very important to him.
How many books does Atatürk have?
The Great Leader Atatürk has nearly 4000 books in the library of Çankaya Mansion.