While giving his speech about wearing hats in Kastamonu. (30.08.1925)

In the photo: The dog seen behind Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is his beloved dog Fox.
Photo source: Atatürk Gazi Mustafa Kemal, Foto Cemal Işıksel, Türk Tarih Kurumu Basımevi, Ankara, 1969. Sayfa: 12
Photographer: Cemal Işıksel
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While giving his speech about wearing hats in Kastamonu. (30 August 1925)

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's Kastamonu Speech:

It was held with the party members in the Republican People's Party building.

                                                                                        (30 August 1925)

The most precious part of my knowledge is that the sincere people of this beautiful district are very enlightened and have a very broad and high mentality. I have to admit that my information before this trip was very different from the convictions of my announcing. If your venerable deputies Ali Rıza Bey and Mehmet Fuat Bey had not died, who knows how far they would have been able to go in ezhanı teşviş who tried to get to know you as much as possible. Of course, your ali viewpoint, of which I am gladly seeing the Asari act, could not have come into existence all at once, in a day. It would be ignorance to make such a claim. There is no doubt that the venerable people of this region were essentially advancing on the lineage of civil evolution. And it is advancing. Today, I am a happy witness of the natural manifestation of that evolution. By expressing and explaining the opposite of this truth, I think that the sebükmağza, who attempt to paralyze our tajeddut pitch, are relying on their own half-baked sciences, rotten logic, and nakafi minds when giving their verdicts. If these poor hodbins had appealed to the common sense of goodwill, if they had been inspired by him, they would not have made such obscene mistakes that left them in a state of emergency today. But my feeling is good; It is not in the interest of liar scholars to appreciate that reason, logic and ingenuity are more important than superiority. If they had been inspired by him, they would not have made such blasphemous mistakes that left them in a state of emergency today. But my feeling is good; It is not in the interest of liar scholars to appreciate that reason, logic and ingenuity are more important than superiority. If they had been inspired by him, they would not have made such blasphemous mistakes that left them in a state of emergency today. But my feeling is good; It is not in the interest of liar scholars to appreciate that reason, logic and ingenuity are more important than superiority.
No one has the right to doubt that our nation has a solid consciousness, after the great and real events and hadiths of which it was the hero. Consciousness always leads forward and innovation. Since it is an inalienable trait, the people of the Republic of Turkey will continue to walk forward and in recession with long pitches. Unless there is an illness in the consciousness, going back or tawakkuf cannot even be remembered. Although costly efforts of zealotry for centuries have put the nation to sleep from time to time, it has never succeeded in paralyzing the consciousness of the nation. This truth is self-determined with the great consciousness that the nation shows today. If there was a disability in consciousness, reviving it in its current vigor is not even more than powerful.
We did not compliment those who were zehab contrary to the true inclination of the nation. I'm very happy with this one thing today. In order to explain the secret in this matter, I must immediately present: our source of inspiration has directly become the conscience of the whole Turkish Nation. And it always will be. As long as we take all the warmth, inspiration, strength and conscience of the nation from the national, as long as we follow the good feelings of the nation as our guide, we have faith that we will guide the nation to the right targets, as it has been up to now.
The true revolutionaries are those who know that the inclination in the souls and consciences of the people they want to lead to the revolution of progress and progress can penetrate the truth. In this connection, let me declare that the owner of the wonders of the Turkish Nation in recent years and the political and social revolutions it has made is the real owner. It's you. If our nation did not have this capacity for evolution, no power and might would have been sufficient to create it. The possibility of decentralization, of course, is not a needy explanation to lift a human mass, which is in an evolving situation, out of its current state and evolve it to such and such a level as if it were falling from the roof.
… Lords ! The aim of the revolutions we have made and are making is to send the People of the Republic of Turkey to a state of society, a completely modern and civilized delegation with all its meanings and descriptions. This is the hope of our revolutions… It is necessary to destroy the mentalities that cannot accept this truth. Until now, there have been those who have this mentality that has corroded and numbed the mind of this nation. Presumably, the superstitions existing in the minds will be fully resolved. Unless they are removed, it is impossible to execute the lights of truth in the mind. Benefiting from tombs, false saints and the dead is a task for a civilized society. … What could be the aim of the existing sects other than to make their followers happy in worldly and spiritual life? science today,
Gentlemen and folks, know well that the Republic of Turkey cannot be a land of sheikhs, dervishes, disciples and members. The most correct and true sect is the sect of civilization. It is enough to be human to do what civilization commands and demands. The dream sect will understand this truth with all its clarity and will immediately close their lodges of their own accord, and will of course accept that their followers are of high age now. Friends ; I consider it my duty in the face of history and conscience to express what I felt and saw while thanking the nation in your presence.
Government Our Republic has a Directorate of Religious Affairs. There are many active officials such as mufti, preacher, imam in this office. The degree of knowledge and virtues of this duty-bearing person is known. However, I see many people who are not in charge of this path, they are dead in the same clothing economy. I have come across some very ignorant and even illiterate among such people. In particular, such jinns appear before them as if they were representatives of the people in some places. They want to create an obstacle to direct contact with the public. I want to ask such people. From whom and where did they get this title and authority? As it is known, the representatives of the nation, the deputies they elected, and the Turkish Grand National Assembly formed by them, is the Republic, the government that has the trust of the Assembly. There are also local elected mayors and their committees. I would like to remind the nation that it is never permissible to allow such arrogance. In any case, I will bring to the attention of the government the drawback of such people who do not have the authority to carry the same disguise as those who are active.
…I said it in İnebolu and in some places. I would like to mention it here as it will be considered as today's issue. Like every nation, we have a national dress, but it is an irrefutable denial that it is not the dress we wear. Even few of us know what our national dress is. For example, I see a person in the crowd in front of me. He has a fez on his head, a green turban on top of the fez, a cloak on his back, a caket on it like the one on my back, I can't see the bottom. Now what is this outfit? Would a civilized person get into casual clothes and make the world laugh at himself? …Government officials and the whole nation will correct their clothes. Science, from the point of view of health, will invest in civil clothing experienced from every point of view. There is no room for doubt in this. There is no need to repeat the bitter lessons of centuries of heedlessness. Doing what is necessary to prove and reveal that we are human, that we are civilized people is not compatible with being a willing man.
Friends, the Turkish nation has proven with great cases that it is a mujaddid and revolutionary nation. In recent years, our nation has not attempted to walk on the roads of tajdut and social revolution. But the real results could not be seen. Have you investigated the reason for this? I think it's because it hasn't started from the ground up. Let me be frank about this. A committee of society, a nation, consists of two kinds of people, namely men and women. Is it possible for us to advance a part of the mass? Let's tolerate the other so that the delegation of the mass can be a general progress? Is it possible that while half of a community is chained to the land, the other half can rise to the sky? No doubt; The steps of progress should be taken together as a friend by the two sexes I mentioned, and it is necessary to be meditated together in work progress and tajeddut. If this happens, the revolution will be successful. We are pleased to know that today's niche presents genuine necessities. In any case, it is obvious that it is necessary to be more courageous.
… In some places, I see women who, by throwing a Yemeni, loincloth or something similar, hide their eyes and either turn their backs or sit down against men who pass by. What is the meaning and meaning of this attitude? Gentlemen, would a civilized nation's mother, nation's daughter enter this strange form, this savage state? This is a scene that makes the nation look ridiculous. Immediate correction is needed." 

Then he suggested that the associations in the country should be seriously interested in enlightening the nation and showing the right path. Afterwards, he ended his very warm and exciting speech by explaining that he would pay great attention to the pleasure and strength he received from meeting with the nation and to use the love and trust shown about him well, and that his aim was to see the nation happy and rich and a mature nation whose characteristics were appreciated in the civilized world. And it was very applauded.
At the end of the speech, when Teacher Sabri declared that he would walk the same path as Gazi during the revolution, Gazi Pasha stood up and said the following words: Sirs, I am very emotional for your precious awakening and openness of horizons. My voice is not appropriate in this speech, if you allow me to answer with a couplet:

This country does not die, even if it dies, even if it dies
, it does not pull the body of the globe, this coffin body
(Let's assume this country does not die, even if it dies,
the body of the world does not pull this huge coffin)

Source: Hakimiyet-i Milliye: 01.09.1925

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While giving his speech about wearing hats in Kastamonu. (30.08.1925)